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Sage Sankrithi is the founder Rishi of the Sankrithi Gotra. The lineage of Sankrithi's is given as Shakthya, Sankrithya, and Gauriveetha. i.e. lineage of Shakthi, Sankrithi, and Gauriveethi.

Sankrithi is the Grandson of Sage Vashishta, and the son of Śakti Maharṣi. Incidentally, Śakti Maharṣi is the father of Sage Parashara (the father of Sage Veda Vyasa.)

There is not much known about Sage Sankrithi except that his name figures in the Avadhuta Upanishad, where Lord Dattatreya explains the nature of an Avadhuta to Sage Sankrithi.

Our Gotra is Sankrut or Sankrit that is what we know from our forefathers,may be it is from Sankrithi-we are audhichya tolak brahmins in gujarat-jd joshi

Pitamagar or Bheesma, the son of Ganga also belongs to this gotram.