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Sanshin Zen Community is a Soto Zen sangha in Bloomington, IN founded by Shohaku Okumura.[1]


Founded in 1996,[1] the temple name, Sanshinji, refers to the 'three minds' cultivated by Zen practice: magnanimous mind, parental mind, and joyful mind. The sangha follows a modified monastic schedule[2] with a retreat each month.[1] Sanshin is one of the few Zen communities offering a sesshin ('without toys') in the style of Uchiyama-roshi, featuring 14 hours of zazen per day with no ceremonies, work, or Dharma talks. Reverend Okumura also offers regular Genzo-e retreats devoted to studying one of the fascicles of Dōgen Zenji's Shōbōgenzō;[1] he also travels to give them at other prominent North American Zen Centers.[1]


The style of practice at this zendo follows the lineage of Kosho Uchiyama-roshi[3] and his teacher, Kodo Sawaki-roshi,[3] who founded Antaiji temple,[3] and greatly simplified the Soto Zen forms used there.

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