Santa Apolónia railway station

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Santa Apolónia station

Santa Apolónia is the oldest railway terminus in Lisbon, Portugal. It is situated in the city's central part on the bank of the Tagus river in the historical district of Alfama. It was opened on 1 May 1865.

From 1891 to 1957 all the passenger services which had terminus on Santa Apolónia had moved to Rossio Train Station, also known as Central Station.

It is served by the national rail company CP and operates different suburban, national and international routes (such as to Paris and Madrid, including high-speed service Alfa Pendular).

The other major railway hubs are Gare do Oriente, which is situated on the same track stretch 6.5 km northeast, Cais do Sodré, Rossio Train Station and Entrecampos.

Santa Apolónia rail station is connected to the Lisbon Metro station of the same name, which opened in 2007.

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Blue Line Terminus


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