Santa Claws

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For the mythical figure, see Santa Claus.
Santa Claws
DVD cover
Directed by John A. Russo
Produced by Robert V. Michelucci
John A. Russo
Jack Smith
Written by John A. Russo
Starring Debbie Rochon
Grant Cramer
John Mowood
Dawn Michelucci
Savannah Calhoun
Marilyn Eastman
Music by Paul McCollough
Cinematography S. William Hinzman
Edited by Tara Alexander
Distributed by American Home Entertainment
Release dates
October 22, 1996 (USA)
Running time
83 min.
Language English

Santa Claws (also known as 'Tis the Season) is a 1996 horror film [1] written and directed by John A. Russo. It stars Debbie Rochon as a Scream Queen B-movie actress who is stalked by an obsessed fan. [2] The film gives an insider's view of the challenges actors and actresses face about violent stalker fans and describes the downside of fame. [3]


The story is about a horror movie actress named Raven Quinn (Debbie Rochon). After her marriage crumbles down, she wins the custody of her daughters and raises them alone. She feels fortunate that she finds a good neighbor named Wayne (Grant Kramer) who provides a much needed emotional support and agrees to baby sit her two young daughters. [4]

Little does Raven know, Wayne has his share of murders while growing up [5] and has now set his eyes to stalk her. Wayne has an altar full of Raven's pictures [6] and a mannequin resembling Raven in his house.

As the movie progresses, Wayne feels cheated that Raven's co-workers are sharing her attention. Feeling jealous, Wayne murders Raven's co-stars one by one while dressed in a Santa Claus costume. [7] His weapon of choice is a "claw". [8]


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