Santa Cruz de las Flores, San Martín de Hidalgo, Jalisco

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Santa Cruz de las Flores
Delegación Municipal
Coordinates: 20°23′30″N 103°57′03″W / 20.39167°N 103.95083°W / 20.39167; -103.95083Coordinates: 20°23′30″N 103°57′03″W / 20.39167°N 103.95083°W / 20.39167; -103.95083
Country  Mexico
State  Jalisco
Municipality San Martín de Hidalgo
Territorial Sub-committee Santa Cruz de las Flores
Founded c. 1540
 • Type Municipal Delegation
 • Sub-delegate José Luis Espinoza Díaz
Elevation 1,372 m (4,501 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total 1,531
  According to the national INEGI census of 2010
Time zone Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST) Central Daylight Time (UTC-5)

Santa Cruz de las Flores (Nahuatl: Cuauhtémoc "descending eagle") is a borough in the municipality of San Martín de Hidalgo in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is the oldest town in the municipality, sources say it was one of the stopping points of the Aztec tribe before settling in Tenochtitlan, having been revealed the eagle emblem on the hillside area.

The town is most famous for its parroquia, which dates to the mid-16th century. The town serves as the medical, cultural, and federal center for the towns surrounding it. The nearby towns within the territorial sub-committee of Santa Cruz are Jesús María, Río Grande, San Jerónimo, Mesa del Cobre, El Cobre and Lagunillas.

Santa Cruz is strategically situated on an oblong hill about a half mile south of the municipal seat. The town is known for its streets, that run from west to east following a sloping terrain, which fits perfectly for the panoramic view of the inset valley of Santa Cruz.


According to the INEGI census of 2010; 1,531 inhabitants reside in Santa Cruz de las Flores. 756 of them male, and 775 of them female. There were a total of 432 homes in the locality.