Santi Quirico e Giulietta

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The church

The chiesa dei Santi Quirico e Giulitta is a church on via Tor de’ Conti in the Monti rione of Rome. It is dedicated to Quiricus and Julietta, two 4th-century martyrs.


Recent excavations uncovered remains of the church's original 6th century building and these are now visible in the present church's crypt (which also houses the Museo tipologico internazionale del presepio Angelo Stefanucci.[1] The 6th century building was dedicated to saints Stephen and Lawrence and was on the opposite orientation to the present one (i.e. its apse is under the present church's 'west' front). That building was rebuilt at the end of the 15th century and in 1584, when the orientation was reversed. The medieval belltower was preserved and is now built into a neighbouring building (formerly a convent, now the hotel Forum). The church was made into a titulus on 13 April 1587 by an apostolic religious constitution of pope Sixtus V, to replace the church of San Ciriaco alle Terme Diocleziane, which he had suppressed. Further rebuilding occurred at the start of the 17th century, when pope Paul V raised it by around four metres to protect it from rising damp and flooding by the River Tiber, and at the start of the 18th century, when it was given a new facade by Raguzzini (1728).

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