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Santiago (pop. 5 million) is best known as the capital city of Chile. It is named in honour of Saint James, son of Zebedee. In English, three other notable cities are also often referred to simply as "Santiago":

Note that, etymologically, Santiago has the same meaning as San Diego.

Aside from these, Santiago may also refer to:


In Argentina:

In Brazil:

In Cape Verde:

In Chile:

In Colombia:

In Costa Rica:

In Cuba:

In Dominican Republic:

In Ecuador:

In Guatemala:

In Jamaica:

  • Santiago, a Spanish possession that later became Jamaica
  • Spanish Town or Santiago de la Vega, Jamaica

In Mexico:

In Nicaragua:

In Panama:

In Paraguay:

In Peru:

In the Philippines:

In Portugal:

In Spain:

In Taiwan

In the United States:

In Uruguay:

  • Montevideo or San Felipe y Santiago de Montevideo, Uruguay

In Venezuela:

  • Caracas or Santiago de León de Caracas, Venezuela




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