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Sapfo Notara (Greek: Σαπφώ Νοταρά; ca. 1907, Heraklio, Cretan State – June 11, 1985, Athens) was a Greek actress, known for supporting capabilities in acting. In Greek movies, she acted in comedies as an aunt or a housewife. Notara had a radio programme called I Kiria Kiriaki. One of her last theatre appearances was in the play Pornography (1981).

Notara never married. She lived in an apartment in Koukaki, in one of the impoverished areas in Athens at the time. On June 13, 1985 neighbours called police because of an odor coming from her room. Police broke down the door and found her decomposing body two or three days after her death. She was believed to be 77 or 78 years old.[citation needed]

Selected filmography[edit]

  • I hartopaihtra (The gambler, 1964)
  • Na'tane to 13 na pefte se mas (1970)
  • O Kyrios Pterarhos (Mr. Chief Master Sergent)
  • Ah afti i gynaika mou (Ah, this wife of mine, 1967)
  • Pornography (1981, play)

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