Saptha Kannimar Padal

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The Saptha Kannimar Padal is one of the sub-sections of Arul Nool which was the secondary scripture of Ayyavazhi. The author of the content is unknown. This contains the event's background and reason for the birth of the seven virgins in the world.[clarification needed] Below are the names of Saptha Kannimar:

  1. Brameshwari
  2. Gowmari
  3. Varaghi
  4. Vaishnavi
  5. Saamundi
  6. Maheshwari
  7. Indhirani

Kannimar Temples in Tamil Nadu[edit]

Kannimar Temple is located in Elachipalayam, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore.

  1. The Saptha Kannimar temple is located in Sethumadai village, which is located 25 km from Pollachi Town in Coimbatore District.
  2. Saptha Kanniyar temple also located at Uththamar koil near Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Kannimar Temple located at Tiruchengode Town was built about 200 years ago by the farmers around the temple.
  4. Kannimar temple located at [thiruvallur (dist), thomur(vill) via kanakkammachathiram ]was built in ancient days.
  5. Chennai: Kannimar temple located at Saiva Muthiah 6th Street, Royapettah, Chennai.
  6. Kannimar Temple located at Vellor district, 2km inside Ponnai Village, S. N. Palayam: Temple built in the year 2009


  1. Kannimar Temple located in Padalam near Chengelpet.

An ancient kannimar temple is located near kodumudi. The temple is located at vattakkal valasu near karmandam palayam. this place comes between erode and kodumudi. The temple is an ancient temple and is located on the banks of reiver cauvery. The temple is sarrounded by ever green agricultural land.And in the temple there is a terracota statue of the goddesses, which is believed to be 100+years old.Devotees from all over tamil nadu frequently visits this temple Every newmoon day there is a grand pooja which is witnessed by a large group of devotees from all over tamil nadu.And it ia a must visit for all kannimar devotees

Way of worship[edit]

Arulmigu Kannimar temple is located in Elachipalayam, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore(Dt). Kannimar is know as Sapthakanni.

Arulmigu Kannimar Samy is workshiped as KULA DEIVAM of Kadai kootam, Kongu vellalar Gounder in Coimbatore locality.

Kannimar is worshiped by Sengunthar and jangam community. They have a unique way of worship. They boil rice in seven pots placed one on top of other. Kannimar is represented as locas, sapta swaram and seven energy centres in the human body.