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Saranjamdar is One the desination, given to the representatives of kings in that area, in 1550-1800. The actual Meaning of Saranjam is that Watan/Jahagir/ land or villages given by the Kings,regional government to any one for his legendary deeds, i.e. mainly persons like Army Chief, Officer, Deosthan trust etc.

Actual Meaning of Saranjamdar word is related to Peasantry class, who used to collect some portion of revenue in rural Historic Indian scene. it has also equivalent to Landlord. Saranjam i.e. slightly equivalent to the above mentioned,Saranjamdar is also referred to Patil, Inamdar, Zamindar, Jagirdar, Deshmukh etc. other titles found among Maratha Community in Maharashtra and Maratha occupying Regions of India.

Saranjam under Peshwa Period was Mainly on the Basis of Bravery of Maratha Generals. [Maratha means all the ones who were from Maharashtra region]. When one wins territory; he generally access rights to collect revenue of that Region. These saranjams later became centres of regional politics.

Maratha Saranjams[edit]

There are some Maratha clans held Saranjams they are as follows. Some marathas like Gaikwad, Pawar, Shinde retain their Jagirs as crowned himself King after defeat in Panipat.

1.Bhoite Saranjamdar;

2.Shinde Saranjamdar;Malangaon & Mhaishal

3.Dabhade Saranjamdar;

4.Gharge-Desai (Deshmukh) Shirol Saranjamdar;

5.Wagh Saranjamdar;

6.Pawar Saranjamdar;

7.Dhamdhere Saranjamdar;

8.Gaikwad Sarjamdar.

9. Dubal saranjamdar Dhulgaon

10. Jadhav Desai Chinchli,Soundatti(b),Raibag

See also[edit]

Shrimant Jayaji Raoji shinde was the first who was saramjamdar of Malangaon.White soil fort was his work center.This saramjam was got from Adilshah of Bijapur,later on Jayaji refused to work under him.He himself was so brave,he fought with bijapur.He captured huge area of Adilshah. He was brave maratha who worked for people of his area.As this area was near to Karnataka border he faced lot of from Adil Shah of Bijapur til death.Bajaji his son was brave,he captured 52 villages around the area of malangaon saramjam.He situated village around his White Fort.This saranjam was big at that time.This is some history which is got from Khatedari of navghar.Shrimant Ramchandra Dada shinde was the last saramjamdar of Malangaon.Some Relatives of Shinde can give additional informations about this.Following are the relatives.Only Malangaonkar SHINDE & Dhulgaonkar Dubal Sarkar having Khitab of Saranjamdar (Saranjam) 1)Pol sarkar of Savlaj 2)Deshmukh of Atpadi 3)Deshmukh of Kasegaon(Solapur) 4)Mohite of Talbhid (Satara) 5)Chavan sarkar of Daphalapur 6)Nimbalkar sarkar of Nandi(Karnataka) 7)Pawar of Dhar 8)Dhumal of Veer (Pune) 9)Dubal sarkar (Karad) 10)Ghorpade sarkar of Mudhole (Karnataka) 11)Desai sarkar of Athani(karnataka) 12)Gharge Dasai of Shirol 13)Desai of shipur 14)Pol Sarkar of tisangi 15) Desai Sarkar of Chinchli, Soundatti(B) and Raibag (Karnataka),Santosh Desai sarkar,Capt.Yuvraj Desai Sarkar 2.Maratha Empire;

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