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Saransh is a registered charitable trust working with people with disability in villages of India under the Indian Trust Act. Saransh primarily works towards the betterment of the disabled and the poor in villages. Saransh is currently working in states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Initially, Saransh was working for the disabled, SC, ST, OBC, old age and under-privileged groups. But later, seeing the different kinds of harassment being faced by the disabled, Saransh emerged with a new mission of working for these special group. Saransh consists of peoples who are physically handicapped, mentally retarded, who have lost their thinking capacity and sensory impairment.

Training support[edit]

Saransh has designed a variety of training, support programs and workshops in order to set up self-help groups (SHGs) to assist persons from villages, the disabled, and people below the poverty line.

Saransh also provide the disabled with the required raw materials after completion of training, and once they make the products we buy the whole produce at market price to sell it in different corporate. By purchasing directly from artisan groups and offering advance payments on orders, Saransh increases the income levels of artisan groups and prevents the accumulation of long-term debts.

Saransh has been supporting 128 villages (86 SHGs) in south India.


  • Organize artisan self-help groups for the disabled and people under the poverty line
  • Encourage economic activity through a collective mode by creating integrated linkages
  • Provide easy access to domestic and overseas market through exhibitions
  • Upgrade skills through appropriate design and technological intervention
  • Improving quality of production and productivity to increase market share
  • Involve all members in marketing process for production, business and income
  • Set up cultural home and central training unit

SHG’s of the Anekal Taluk, Bangalore urban district[edit]

Name Leader Members Bank Acct. # of disabled MD MR
Unnati Menasana halli Annayappa 10 Yes 6 0 4
Unnati Pump House Ganesh k 7 Yes 4 1 2
Unnati Thalagara halli Manjunatha 7 Yes 4 3 0
Unnati D K Bagilu Ajmal Pasha 7 Yes 6 1 0
Unnati Geratigana belle Vijay Kumar 9 Yes 7 2 0
Unnati Thigalla beedi RajaGopalappa 7 Yes 6 1 0
Unnati Bahadur Pura Ramappa 8 Yes 5 2 1
Unnati Vinayaka Nagar Vijay Kumar 6 Yes 3 0 3
Unnati Narayan Pura Ramesh 5 Yes 5 0 0
Unnati Choodena Halli Nanjunda Reddy 6 Yes 3 0 3

(MR stands for Mentally Retarded, MD stands for Multiple Disability)

In the above manner, Saransh has set up more than 60 SHGs in Tamil Nadu, out of which 36 are actively under Saransh and the remaining have become independent enterprises with Saransh support.

Products made by self-help groups of the differently abled[edit]

Agarbatti (essential oils), Ceramics, Perfumed candles (natural flowers), Coconut tree products, Palm leaf paintings, Soft marble products, Wood free handmade paper products, Wood products, Stone sculpture, Bamboo products, Leather items, Hammock, Khadi cloth (Kurtas), Paintings, and Jute products.

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