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Sarasota Police Department
Abbreviation SPD
Agency overview
Formed 1913
Annual budget $27,000,000~
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Sarasota County Florida Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Sarasota Highlighted.svg
Map of Sarasota Police Department's jurisdiction.
Size 26 square miles (67 km2) total, 15 square miles (39 km2) land
Population 67,000
Legal jurisdiction Municipal
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters 2099 Adams Lane, Sarasota, Florida
Officers 136 Uniformed, 48 Detectives, 15 Other~
Civilians 50~ Employees, 99 Volunteers
Agency executive Mikel T. Hollaway, Chief
Police Stations 1 Primary, 3 Sub-stations
Jails Sarasota County Sheriff's Office North Jail
Patrol Cars 175
Unmarked/Non-Patrol Vehicles 90
Police Boats 2
K9 Dogs 4

The Sarasota Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency for Sarasota, Florida. It provides police services to 67,000 residents. The Sarasota Police Department operates on a budget of $26,902,601 (2011–2012) with approximately 254 sworn and unsworn personnel and 99 volunteers.


The Sarasota Police Department is dedicated to providing professional law enforcement service for our community while safeguarding Constitutional guarantees and forming responsive partnerships with those we serve to achieve safety, quality of life and respect for the law.

  • Innovatively and aggressively fighting crime and reducing the fear of crime.
  • Abiding by the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. Treating each person with dignity and respect while maintaining accountability to the citizenry and each other.
  • Building and reinforcing relationships through communication, commitment and action.
  • Evolving in response to our public safety mandate.


Chief of Police[edit]

The current chief of police is Bernadette DiPino. The chief of police is the executive officer of the Sarasota Police Department and is ultimately responsible for decisions regarding policy, enforcement and use of resources in conjunction with the city manager and the city commission. The chief maintains command authority over all department employees, both sworn and civilian. Her office support staff consists of one full-time executive assistant and one part-time administrative specialist. The Office of the Chief of Police includes:

  • Office of Administrative Captain - which oversees various administrative aspects of the department.
  • Planning and Inspections Unit - which oversees policy changes and resource allotment.
  • Internal Affairs and Complaints (IAC) Section - which oversees any and all allegations of police misconduct and complaints filed on officers.

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)[edit]

Support Services Division[edit]

Uniform Services Division[edit]


The station main police is located at 2099 Adams Lane Sarasota, Florida 34237 All civilian employees and sworn personnel operate from this station. Substations include:

  • Newtown Substation - 1782 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way
  • Rosemary District Substation - 820 Central Avenue
  • Gillepsie Park Substation - 710 Osprey Avenue



The department currently owned two Wellcraft Scarab boats to provide service to those in Sarasota Bay. The traffic unit has 12 Harley-Davidson police motorcycles, and each traffic officer is provided with an unmarked patrol car.[citation needed] The department uses 2002-2011 Chevrolet Impala police model and several 1998-2001 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.[citation needed]


The department issues Glock 22, .40 caliber handguns to all sworn officers.[citation needed]


Rank Insignia
Chief 2 Gold Stars.svg
Captain Captain insignia gold.svg
Lieutenant US-O1 insignia.svg
Officer / Detective

Line of duty Deaths[edit]

One local officer has died in the line of duty.

Officer Date of Death Details
Officer Warren David Jones Saturday, April 5, 1975 Gunfire


Starting in 2007, Officer Joseph Snodgrass and other police officers used official police databases to gather information on his ex-wife's new husband. Snodgrass was disciplined in 2010 for his actions.[1]

In December 2010, a police officer was fired, but escaped criminal prosecution for misusing police computers. Officer Katrina Young gathered information on a person who was having a dispute with Young's cousin. This led to the cousin breaking into the person's home to attack him.[2]

In April, 2011, police Detective Tom Laughlin was fired after he went to the county courthouse with a strange document he used in an attempt to secede from the United States. He apparently was upset over Obamacare and other political developments.[3]

In November 2011, the department settled a 2009 excessive force complaint for $40,000.[4] Police Chief Peter Abbot was suspended for two weeks for his mishandling of the incident, Officer Christopher Childers was fired. He was later cleared of wrongdoing by a Civil Service Hearing Board, the State Attorney, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He was rehired by the agency. [5]

In January 2012, police Lieutenant Steven Breakstone was put on administrative leave to allow an investigation of what the local sheriff's department called "escalating bizarre behavior" toward his ex-wife after their divorce. In May 2012, Breakstone was allowed to retire.[6][7]

In November 2012, Officer Scott Patrick was fired three months after video tape showed him beating and choking a drunken man outside a night club. A police investigation cleared the officer of any criminal charges.[8][9]

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