Saraswatichandra (TV series)

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Official Logo Of Saraswatichandra
Genre Indian soap opera
Based on Saraswatichandra by Govardhanram Tripathi
Written by Ved Raj
Abhijit Sinha
Directed by Arvind Babbal
Sharad Pandey
Mayank Gupta
Himanshu Singh
Arsshad Khan
Starring Gautam Rode
Jennifer Winget
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
Producer(s) Sunjoy Waddhwa
Comall Sunjoy W.
Location(s) Dubai
Cinematography Deepak Pandey
Arjun Rao
Running time Approx. 22 minutes
Production company(s) SLB production (before) ,Sphere orgins (present)
Original channel Star Plus
DD National
Asianet Plus
Picture format 576i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Original run February 25, 2013 – Present
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Saraswatichandra is an Indian television soap opera currently airing on Star Plus and DD National during weekdays. The series first premiered on February 25, 2013 and is based on the Gujarati novel of the same name by Govardhanram Tripathi. Gautam Rode plays the titular role. The show appears on Asianet Plus, dubbed into Malayalam and broadcast as "Swayamvaram".

Plot summary[edit]

After falling in love with each other, right before they were about to get married, Saras finds out the truth about the death of his mother and gets furious. He calls Kumud and cancels the marriage because he is no longer the rich man she was supposed to marry since he blamed his father for his mother's suicide and left his house. Kumud then gets married to Pramad Dhan Dharmadhikari because her father asked her to, without knowing about him. Pramad turns out to be an alcoholic who was also forced to marry her by his father, Buddhi Dhan Dharmadhikari.

Saras renames himself Naveenchandra. The story then revolves around Kumud trying to reform Pramad's alcoholic ways. Later Kalika conspires against Kumud with Pramad and he tries to kill her but Saras saves her. After long struggles and dramatic incidents Saras finally marries Kumud.

However Kalika wants revenge against Kumud as she believes that she should have been married to Pramad instead of Kumud. So she puts up an act to get Yash, Kumud's younger cousin, to fall in love with her. Yash marries Kalika and brings her home to meet the Desai family. The Desai family are angry that Yash got married without their consent and reluctantly agree to let Kalika stay in their house as they are aware of her previous schemes and evil ways. Kalika begins to poison Yash's mind and create a rift between the members of the family. She is eventually thrown out of the house by Yash, when the entire family realizes her true intentions. After that Sara's and kumad move to Mumbai for business deal. Sara's and kumud neighbour preshat try to get difference between them. After that preshat kidnapped kumad and put Saras in wall but Danny and Kabir save Saras and kumud.



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