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The Sarbloh Granth (Punjabi: ਸਰਬਲੋਹ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ, sarabalōha grantha) is Sikh scripture. It consists of over 4000 stanzas. The Sarbloh Granth (Punjabi: ਸਰਬਲੋਹ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ, sarabalŝha grantha), also called Manglacharan Puran, is a voluminous scripture containing collections of various writings of Guru Gobind Singh, poets and other Sikhs. Sarbloh Granth literally means "the Granth or Scripture of all-steel or iron". Khalsa Mahima is part of this Granth. This Granth contains hymns of greatness of Panth and Granth. Khalsa Mahima is authentic hymn of Guru Gobind Singh of this granth.[1] The Sri Sarbloh Parkash Granth is the second main scripture authored by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and is a primal source of Khalsa tradition, philosophy and practise. The battles between Brijnath and his army of Rakash (demons) against the devtas who were the godly inclined beings are described in detail, exemplifying the eternal cosmic battle between good and bad or light and darkness. As well as detailing the history of warrior clans who have ruled the world and perished, great praise is levied upon the Khalsa, who are stated to possess many qualities of Akaal Purakh. The ideology of a Khalsa warrior, important historical events of the Khalsa, and traditions and practises of the Khalsa Panth are noted at various sections within this scripture, particularly the Khalsa Mehima, which is commonly recited by Sikhs of all affiliations.[2]

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