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Alternative names Sardenaira
Type Pizza
Course Snack
Place of origin Italy
Region or state West Liguria
Main ingredients Bread dough (flour, yeast, olive oil, milk), cooked tomatoes and onions, capers, garlic, black olives, oregano
Cookbook:Sardenara  Sardenara

Sardenara or Sardenaira is a snack from West Liguria similar to a pizza, baked in very large rectangular baking trays and generally bought from a bakery in small rectangular cut pieces. The light, crispy base is normally approximately 15 mm (0.59 in) and is made from a bread-type dough of wheat flour (the flour is normally of cake quality), sometimes with the addition of potato flour mixed with yeast, olive oil and milk. The tomato topping consists of tomatoes and onions cooked before putting on the base, as opposed to a pizza, where the topping is left uncooked before going into the oven, all finished off with sardine paste (sarde, which give it its name), capers, garlic, local black olives, and oregano, and brushed with olive oil.[1]


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