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Sardool Sikander
Born (1961-01-25) 25 January 1961 (age 54)
Kheri Naudh Singh, district Fatehgarh sahib
Origin India
Years active 1989–present
Associated acts Amar Noorie, Jassi Jalandhari

Sardool Sikander (Punjabi: ਸਰਦੂਲ ਸਿਕੰਦਰ) is a Punjabi folk and Punjabi Pop singer,[1] who made his first appearances on radio and television in the early 1980s with his introductory album, "Roadways Di Laari". He has also acted in some Punjabi language movies, like Jagga Daku. Sardool's father late Sagar Mastana was a famous talented tabla player who invented a special type of tabla that was played with a thin bamboo stick. Sardool is married to Amar Noorie, who is also an accomplished singer and actress.They have two sons Sarang Sikander and Alaap Sikander who are also very talented singers/musicians and are introducing their debut work in the music industry in the near future. He has two older brothers, Gamdoor Aman, who is no more, was also a singer and Bharpoor Ali who is a well known tabla player and is still playing in the Sardool Sikander's musical band and is carrying the legacy of their father's inventions.[2]

Born in the Kheri Naudh Singh in district Fatehgarh sahib, he belongs to the Patiala Gharana of music. Sardool has 27 albums to his credit. His work has been included in over 50 derivative albums from all over the world. His album 'Husna De Malko' released in 1990 sold 4.1 million copies worldwide and still selling.[3]


  • 2014 'Moons In The Sky' (MovieBox/T-Series)
  • 2012 'Entrance' (Moviebox/Music Waves/Speed Records)
  • 2010 'Kudi Mera Dil Di Hoya Ne Sohniye' (MovieBox/Planet Recordz/Speed Records)
  • 2009 'Ik Tu Hove Main Hovan' (Kamelee Records)
  • 2006 'Ous Kudi Ne' (Finetouch/Peritone)
  • 2002 'Haiya Ho' (T-Series)
  • 2001 'O Ho!' (T-Series)
  • 2001 'Hits of Sardool: Noori Vol. 1' (Royal)
  • 1998 'Sardool on A Dance Tip' (DMC)
  • 1996 'Nakhra Janab Da' (Saaga)
  • 1996 'Gal Sun' (Soni Music)
  • 1994 'Ik Kuri Dil Mangdi' (T-Series)
  • 1994 'Tor Punjaban Dee' (Saaga)
  • 1993 'Gidhe Vich Nachna' (Asian Music Company)
  • 1993 'Dance With...Sardool Sikander'
  • 1993 'Jug Jug Jiyun Bhabian' (Saaga)
  • 1992 'Nachna Sakht Mana Hai' (T-Series)
  • 1992 'Munde Patte Gaye'
  • 1991 'Sorry Wrong Number' (Music Bank)
  • 1991 'Doli Meri Mashooq Di' (Saaga)
  • 1991 'Roadways Di Laari'
  • 1990 'London Vich Beh Gai' (VIP Record Producers)
  • 1990 'Yaari Pardesiyan Di' (Music Bank/Smitsun Distributors Ltd.)
  • 1990 'Zara Has Ke Vikha' (Saaga)
  • 1989-90'Husna De Malko' (Music Bank)
  • 1989 'Aaja Sohniye' (Sureela Music)
  • 1989 'Gora Rang Deyin Na Rabba' (T-Series)
  • 1989 'Reelan De Dukan' (HMV)
  • 1989 'Gidha Beat: Bhabiye Gidha Wich Nach Lain Dee' (Sonotone)


  • 2012: Red Alert (Music By: Jassi Jalandhari & Label: MovieBox)
  • 2014: Shareek (Music By: Muzical Doctorz & Label: MovieBox)
  • 2014: Mera Valeti (Music By: Muzical Doctorz & Label: MovieBox)

Duo Collaboration[edit]

  • 2014 'International Villager 2' (Music By: Honey Singh) Duniya Tera (MovieBox/Planet Recordz/T-Series)
  • 2014 'Nanak Naam Chardi Kalah' (Music By Popsy) Ik Onkar (MovieBox)
  • 2011 'Mere Dil Teh' (With GV) The Song Raab (Moviebox/Music Waves/Envy)
  • 2011 'International Villager' (with Honey Singh) The Song Yadaan (MovieBox/Planet Recordz/Speed Records)
  • 2011 'Close To Us' (Without Popsy) The Song Husn Jawani (Kamlee Records)
  • 2010 'Shadaiya' with Amar Noorie [4] (MovieBox)
  • 2009 'Ik Tu Hove Ik Main Hovan' with Amar Noorie (Peritone/Kamlee Records)


  • 2011 'Charadi Khalla Tenu Samne Tu Hase' (StarMakers) Duo Collaboration With Harjit Harman
  • 2010 ' Barse Channel Divya Theme Song
  • 2009 'Mayee Ne Kunda Kholeya' (Saaga)
  • 2006 'Bole So Nihaal' (Saaga) Duo Collaboration with Hans Raj Hans
  • 2004 'Darsh Maiya Da Keeta' (T-Series)
  • 2002 'Panth Khalsa' (T-Series) Re-Released
  • 1999 'Khalsa Dee Chardi Kala' (HMV)
  • 1992 'Panth Sajaya Hai' (T-Series)
  • 1991 'Seesa Dee Wanjare' (Sargam)



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