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Sarkis is a common given name and family name in the Middle East. It is also the Western Armenian variant for the Eastern Armenian name Sargis.

Sarkis may refer to:

Saint Sarkis / Mar Sarkis[edit]


First name[edit]

Family name[edit]

  • Abe Sarkis (1913–1991), American mobster (Boston)
  • Angela Sarkis (born 1955), American businesswoman
  • Elias Sarkis, President of Lebanon from 1976 to 1982
  • Joseph Sarkis (born 1949), Lebanese politician and government minister
  • Hashim Sarkis (born 1964), Lebanese architect
  • Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, specialist in the treatment of ADD/ADHD and medical writer
  • Nicola Sarkis; also Known as Nick Sarkis... Nick C Sarkis... Realestate 2011 Home Finder of Year, 2012 Beginner to Winner Award, 2013 Runner Up Realestate Agent of The Year and owner Blue Phoenix Pty Ltd,

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