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Sarmatian Review is an English language peer reviewed academic journal on Slavistics, which is the study of culture, history, and societies of Slavic nations (located in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe) published by Polish Institute of Houston at Rice University three times a year in January, April, and September. Since 1992 an abbreviated web edition appears six to ten weeks after the print edition and is available freely from their website. It was founded in 1981. Its ISSN number is 10595872.

It deals with a variety of subjects: country-related articles (Poland, Russia and Ukraine being most prominent), the post-Soviet period, the American and European ethnic issues and matters related mass media, higher education, literature, government, religion and politics. It contains articles, review and sometimes literature samples (poetry).

The name of the publications comes from Sarmatia, a semi-legendary name for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a multi-cultural state that spanned most of Eastern Europe from 16th to 18th centuries.

The goal of this publication, as stated at [1] is: "The Sarmatian Review was conceived by a group of American Polish scholars who observed a dearth of scholarly journals that would allow the Polish-American points of view to be heard. Polish-Americans, and other Americans of Central European ancestry, will be able to speak for themselves in a scholarly publication that reflects Central European and Polish-American identity."

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