Sartang language

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Region Arunachal Pradesh
Native speakers
1,000  (2005)[1]
Possibly Tibeto-Burman
Language codes
ISO 639-3 onp
Glottolog sart1249[2]

Sartang is a small language of India. It is one of the Kho-Bwa languages,[3] closest to Sherdukpen (50–60% lexical similarity) (Ethnologue 16).

Sartang (Boot Monpa) is spoken in the villages of Khoitam, Rahung, Namku-thangka (Salari), and Boot (Jerigaon) Khoina, West Kameng District (Dondrup 2004:1). There were 2,986 Sartang people as of 1996.


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