Sarukhan, Bey of Magnesia

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Silver gigliato of Sarukhan Beg bin Alpagi, 1313-1348, ruler of Lydia, western Turkey. This is an imitation of a coin of Robert I of Anjou, king of Naples (1309-1343).

Sarukhan bin Alpagi[citation needed] (1300/1301–1345/1346) was a Turkish Bey of Magnesia (present-day Manisa, Turkey).[1]

Sarukhan was a Turkish Emir who is remembered for his conquest in the Anatolian Peninsula. In 1313, he occupied Thyatira (present-day Akhisar, Manisa Province), and then left his name "Saruhan" to the region he had occupied, becoming an independent ruler and transmitting the region to his descendants.[2][3]

At one point in 1336, Sarukhan formed an alliance with the Byzantine Emperor Andronicus the Younger, and supported him militarily in two sieges against the Genoese, in Mytilene and Phocaea.[4] In 1341 however he attacked Constantinople with a fleet, but was repulsed around the Chersonesus in 1341.[4]