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This article is about a Brahmin sect. For the varna, see Brahmin.
Saryupareen Brahmin
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Saryupareen Brahmins, also known as Sarvarya Brahmins or Saryupariya Brahmins, are North Indian Brahmins residing on the eastern plain of the Sarayu near Ayodhya. Saryupareen families such as the Tiwari, Tripathi, Pandey, Mishra, Shukla, Dwivedi and Dikshit were involved in the research and analysis of Vedas and other religious texts, performing yajnas and other religious practices.


Prayag and Kashi are the major abode of Saryupareen. Saryupareen share a cordial relation with other communities. The ancestors of Saryupareen originate from the major rishis viz the Saptarishi.[1]

The Vanshavali of Sarupareen is classified into three and thirteen houses among which various family names are attached and these are also linked to various villages and settlements in the region. Many Bhumihar or bhuinhar brahmins belongs to Saryupareen Brahmins particularly in Prayag , Kashi and in many places of Uttar Pradesh.But due to culture and nature of bhumihar brahmins they merged into them and uses titles like Rai & Singh they may be called as Sahab but they are not interested in any honours. In Basti District of Uttar Pradesh Saryupareen Brahmins and Bhumihar Brahmin marriage is still happens from ancient time in Village life. "Saryupareen Vanshavali" also mentions about its branches as Bhumihar Brahmin & Kanyakubja Brahmins .

Where as "Kanyakubj Vanshavali" mentions five branches of Kanyakubja Brahmins as Saryupareen, Sanadhya ,Jujhautiya, Bhumihar and Prakrit Kanaujia:

Saryupari Sanadhyashcha Bhumiharo Jijhoutayah

Prakritashcha Iti Panchabhedastasya Prakartitah[2]

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