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S4 sash! album cover.jpg
Sascha Lappessen on S4!Sash! album cover
Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Trance, vocal trance, progressive, eurodance, techno, EDM
Years active 1995–present
Labels Hard2Beat, Tokapi, Mighty
Associated acts Tokapi
Members Sascha Lappessen
Ralf Kappmeier
Thomas Lüdke

SASH! is a German DJ/production team, fronted by Sascha Lappessen, who works in the recording studio with Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas "Alisson" Lüdke.[1] They have sold over 22 million albums worldwide,[2] and earned more than 65 Gold and Platinum awards.[2] In the UK, uniquely their first four hit singles incorporated vocals in different languages (French, Spanish, English and Italian).[1]

Musical career[edit]

1995-1997: Formation and It's My Life – The Album[edit]

Sascha Lappessen, Thomas "Alisson" Lüdke, and Ralf Kappmeier, created SASH! in 1995. The previous year, the three had worked together, under the name of Careca, to produce a piece called "Indian Rave", which was a mildy successful song. In 1996, SASH! released "It's My Life", which became a European club hit. In 1997, with Sabine Ohmes as the singer, SASH! released "Encore Une Fois". Described on SASH!'s biography as "the big break", it reached number 2 in the UK Singles Chart,[1] as well as reaching the top 10 of five countries' singles charts and the top 20 of seven countries' singles charts.[3]

In the same year, SASH! produced "Ecuador", and "Stay", which both also reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart.[1] In 1998, SASH! released the first single from his second album, "La Primavera", which reached #3 in the UK, "Mysterious Times", which reached #2, and "Move Mania", which reached #8. The following year, "Colour the World" reached #15.

1998-1999: Life Goes On[edit]

In 1998, the group's second album, Life Goes On, was released and contained the singles "La Primavera" and their fourth UK #2 Mysterious Times.

2000: Trilenium[edit]

Main article: Trilenium

In 1999, SASH! released "Adelante", the first single from album Trilenium. The song reached good chart positions in Europe, peaking at #2 in the UK.[1] The following single from Trilenium, released in 2000, was the ballad "Just Around The Hill", which again featured the voice of Tina Cousins. In the same year the album itself was released. "With My Own Eyes" was the third single from Trilenium. "Just Around the Hill" and "With My Own Eyes" reached #8 and #10 in UK respectively.[1] The latter became the last single released by SASH! in the United Kingdom for around eight years.[3]

2000: Encore Une Fois – The Greatest Hits[edit]

Encore Une Fois – The Greatest Hits is the fourth album released by German dance act SASH! It was released on October 30, 2000. It includes the single releases from the previous three albums, extra album tracks, and a 17-minute megamix of the singles mixed by Oliver Momm. The CD also includes a bonus disc of remixes of the tracks by various artists. The album reached #33 in the UK album chart, and #62 in Germany.

2002: S4! SASH![edit]

Main article: S4!Sash!

After almost two years of silence, in 2002 SASH! released the song "Ganbareh", which means "go for it". The song "Run" with Boy George was the next single release, with the new album released thereafter. The third single from the album S4SASH! was "I Believe", which featured TJ Davis, and was released in 2003.

2007: 10th Anniversary[edit]

10th Anniversary is the sixth album by German DJ SASH!. It includes 16 hit singles, a reloaded version of Ecuador, previously unreleased songs, plus a bonus DVD including videoclips to all the songs from the album.

2008: The Best Of[edit]

After fifteen years of worldwide success and 18 million record sales, all singles were released on one album, SASH! - Best Of. The album contained two unreleased songs. A new song called "Raindrops" reached #9 in the UK charts.

2012: Life is a Beach[edit]

In 2010 "All is Love" was released as the first single from the new album Life Is A Beach. It was only released as a digital download. In 2011 "Mirror Mirror" was chosen as the second single of the new album, and it was issued in August that year. A music video to the song was made, and was officially released on 13 July. It charted at number 25 on the German charts.

In January 2012, SASH! provided a Christmas present to fans through a free download of the title song Life Is A Beach.

On May 10, 2012 SASH! released a preview of Life Is A Beach on their website via YouTube. The preview contains 19 tracks of some known tracks previously released and unrelased tracks such as Life Is A Beach, All Is Love, Gimme Tonight, Mirror Mirror, What Is Life, Je t'aime, Three Strings 2012, The Secret 2012. As of May 10, 2012 no official track listing or release date has been provided. The album is expected by fans to be released in the summer of 2012.[4]

On July 17, 2012 SASH! posted on their homepage that the new album will be released alongside a new single soon. Also with this news came news that SASH! will be releasing a new album with 3 singles each year from 2013 onwards.

On July 31, 2012 SASH! posted that the new album "Life is a Beach" would be released on August 31, 2012.

On August 31 Life Is A Beach was finally released via download only. The first single What Is Life was released and shot straight to number 2 on download music sites in the UK. The album reached number 22 on the top 100 downloaded album on Amazon Germany before quickly dropping off the charts. What Is Life was released alongside a new lyric video via YouTube.

2013: Life Changes[edit]

SASH! has spent the first quarter of 2013 touring around Europe playing Live DJ gigs as is his norm. SASH! has made appearances in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, England, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Cyprus, and many other European countries so far this year.

On May 9 a new video and single was released via YouTube called "The Secret" featuring the vocals of Sarah Brightman. Again, the video was a lyric video but was a new mix than the album version making it the fourth version to be released. The Secret has been a fan favorite for years, which explains why he has made so many versions.

On May 23, Sash! announced via YouTube that he has again gone back into the studio to record with Jessy. No information has been given yet as to his plans to make a remix, single or produce a new album. In August 2013, versions of his new single featuring Jessy titled "All Is Love" surfaced on the internet.

On October 4, SASH! announced his new single "Summer's Gone" feat. Tony T. via YouTube and Facebook, he also announced a new forthcoming Life Changes.


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Year Award Result
1998 BRIT Award: Best International Male Nominated[3]
3 Billboard Hot Dance Music Awards
Club Music Award: Dance Record Artist of the Year 1997
2 The International Disco Awards: Dance Recording Artist of the Year
Techno D'Or Cannes[3]
TMF Award Netherlands[3]
Radio R.S.H Gold Awards 1998 Germany[3]
Radio FM 107.4 Russian Gold Award[3]
Move X-Dance Best Dance Album 1997-1998[3]
DJ Top 40 Chart breaker 1998 Germany[3]


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