Sasha (The Walking Dead)

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The Walking Dead character
First appearance Made to Suffer
Created by Robert Kirkman
Portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green
Occupation Firefighter
Family Brother: Tyreese
Significant other(s) Bob Stookey (TV series)

Sasha is a fictional character from the AMC television series The Walking Dead portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green. She is an original character and has no comic counterpart.

Television series[edit]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Sasha is the younger sister of Tyreese. Sasha is somewhat hotheaded and demanding, as seen in her debut episode.[1] Nonetheless, she is fiery yet compassionate young woman. She was originally a recurring character, but due to her popularity, was upgraded to the main cast of season 4, but is credited as also starring. She is one of the two remaining survivors of her brother's group, the other being Tyreese.

Not much is known about Sasha and her brother before the apocalypse, except that they lived near Jacksonville, Florida and had a neighbor named Jerry. In the early days of the apocalypse, Sasha hid with her brother in their neighbor Jerry's bunker. After 7 months, they run out of supplies, and find a family of survivors: Allen, Donna and their teenage son Ben. They merge and find a much larger group, in which they reside in until the group is overrun.

Season 3[edit]

In the mid-season finale "Made to Suffer", about six weeks after their group is overrun, Sasha, along with Tyreese, Allen, Ben and a mortally wounded Donna (who later dies of her wound), find an entrance into A-Block of the prison. They are found by Carl, who leads them into the foyer of the cell block. In the episode The Suicide King, after Rick's group returns from Woodbury, Rick almost accepts them into his group. However, after hallucinating Lori, Rick tells Lori to get out, but Sasha's group leaves the prison in a misunderstanding.[2] In the episode "I Ain't a Judas", a few days later, Sasha's group is found by Andrea and Milton, who the latter leads them back to Woodbury. The Governor appoints Sasha and Tyreese as soldiers, specifically as "wall guards".

In the episode "Prey", when on their wall duties, Tyreese and Sasha are confronted by Andrea, who says she is leaving Woodbury and that they should too. Andrea also warns them about The Governor before she leaves. Later, Sasha goes to the walker pit, where she and Tyreese are shocked to hear about The Governor's plans for the prison. Sasha also witnesses the fight between Tyreese and Allen.[3] In the season finale "Welcome to the Tombs", Tyreese and Sasha stay behind to protect Woodbury after The Governor's army leads an attack on the prison.[4] When Rick, Daryl and Michonne arrive at Woodbury after the attack with Karen, Tyreese and Sasha are at first hostile, but after Karen tells about The Governor massacring his army, let them in Woodbury. After Andrea's death, Sasha, her brother and the remaining Woodbury citizens return to the prison with Rick.

Season 4[edit]

Sasha was upgraded to the main cast of the fourth season, although is credited as "also starring." Sasha is appointed as a member of the prison council and a participant is supply runs. In the season premiere "30 Days Without an Accident", she is reluctant to let Bob Stookey go to the Big Sp!t supply run, but is eventually convinced by Bob.[5] At the Big Sp!t, when walkers start falling through the ceiling, Sasha, along with all her companions (except Zach, who is bitten by a walker), are forced to leave the building after an army helicopter crashes through the roof, without any supplies. In the episode "Infected", after the D-Block attack,[6] Sasha is at the prison council meeting regarding the new disease that killed Patrick, when they hear Karen, Tyreese's new girlfriend, coughing. After realizing this is a symptom of the new disease, Sasha, along with Karen, comfort Tyreese, and transport her to A-Block. When a hoard of walkers is attracted to the prison after the gunshots fired during the D-Block attack, Sasha notices that someone has been feeding the walkers rats, before the fence starts to come down. She then helps place two supporting beams when Rick and Daryl draw the walkers away from the fence. In the episode "Isolation", Sasha is revealed to have contracted the disease. In the episode "Internment", she is one of the people infected but still assists Hershel and Glenn in treating the other sick patients. In the mid-season finale episode "Too Far Gone" she along with Maggie and Bob are separated from the main group after an attack by The Governor and his followers on the prison.

In the mid-season premiere "Inmates", Sasha, Maggie and Bob find the prison bus, hoping to find Glenn inside; instead it is filled with undead prison residents which they kill. In the episode "Alone", Sasha disagrees with Bob and Maggie about going to Terminus. Sasha tries to convince Bob to find a safe place to stay but he still wants to go to Terminus with Maggie. When Bob and Sasha find out Maggie left for Terminus they go after her. Sasha finds a safe building and she tries to convince Bob to come with her, but Bob kisses her and goes after Maggie. Sasha looks out of the building's window and sees Maggie under attack. Sasha and Maggie fight off walkers and go after Bob. Reunited, the three head for Terminus. In the episode "Us", Sasha, Maggie and Bob find Abraham, Eugene and Rosita and the six rescue Glenn and Tara from walkers in a tunnel. The group decides to settle down in the tunnel that night and Sasha learns of Abraham's mission and Eugene's claims. She agrees to go on with the group to Washington D.C., but only after arriving at Terminus to see if Tyreese has made it there. Bob agrees with her, on both counts. The following day, Sasha and the rest of the group arrive on foot at Terminus. After easily entering the compound's perimeter, the group eventually comes upon a middle aged woman, Mary, cooking in a courtyard. The woman smiles and introduces herself, telling them she'll get them settled before offering them a plate of food. In the season finale "A", Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl are ushered into a train car where it is revealed that Sasha and the others are being held by the residents of Terminus.


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