Sasha Perl-Raver

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Sasha Perl-Raver

Sasha Perl-Raver is an American actress, film critic and TV personality who grew up in Oakland, California.[1]

Her birthday was August, 1978



From 2010-2013,[2] she appeared as the primary film critic and entertainment reporter for KNBC and, on January 10, 2014, she began co-hosting FX Movie Download.[3][4]

She has interviewed numerous celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey,[5] Jared Leto,[5] Robert Redford,[2] Robin Williams,[2] Robert De Niro,[2] Barbra Streisand,[2] Vince Vaughn[2] and Jennifer Garner[5] while reviewing films.


In 2009, Perl-Raver was a chef on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.[6][7][8] She began cooking to earn money at the age of 16 after finishing high school in three years.[7] Since then, she has worked as a private chef for a number of celebrities.[9][10]

Her recipes have been published in four books.[11]


She has had bit parts in a dozen television shows and movies, including The Muse, and starred as herself in five series.[12]

Other Ventures[edit]

She was crowned Miss San Francisco in 1999.[11][13]


Her mother is author, former talent agent, motivational religious speaker and former production company owner Miki Raver.[14]