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Saskatchewan Highway 55 shield

Highway 55
Northern Woods and Water Route
Route information
Length: 652 km (405 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Alberta border
continues as Hwy 55
  Hwy 21 at Pierceland
Hwy 26 near Goodsoil
Hwy 4 at Meadow Lake
Hwy 155 at Green Lake
Hwy 3 at Shellbrook
Hwy 2 / Hwy 3 at Prince Albert
Hwy 106 at Smeaton
Hwy 6 at Choiceland
Hwy 35 at Nipawin
East end: Hwy 9
Beaver River RM, Meadow Lake RM, Northern Administration District, Big River RM, Canwood RM, Shellbrook RM, Buckland RM, Garden River RM, Paddockwood RM, Torch River RM, Nipawin RM, Moose Range RM
Major cities: Prince Albert
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 54 Hwy 56

Highway 55 is a paved, undivided provincial highway in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.[1] It runs from Alberta Highway 55 near the Alberta border until Highway 9. Highway 55 is 652 km long. It forms part of the interprovincial Northern Woods and Water Route.


On the West portion of Highway 55 from the Alberta border, the Village of Pierceland is located at Highway 21. To the North of Pierceland is the Meadow Lake Provincial Park. This top rated Park stretches about 115 kilometres from the Alberta border to just North of the City of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

The regional park of Morin Lake is 15 km south of the highway near Debden, Saskatchewan, and Victoire, Saskatchewan.[2] Nipawin Bridge located on highway 55 is Saskatchewan's longest bridge.[3]


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