Saskatchewan Highway 684

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Highway 684 is the name given to two different highways in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

The northwestern Highway 684 is approximately 57 km (35 mi.) long. It begins near Waseca, at Highway 16, and it ends at Highway 3.

The southeastern Highway 684, called Dalmeny Road, is approximately 21 km (13 mi.). It begins at Highway 14 (a.k.a. 22nd Street West) inside Saskatoon (the junction, along with a stretch of Highway 684 extending northward beyond 33rd Street West, was annexed in the early 2000s), and it ends at Highway 305 3 km south of Dalmeny.

The City of Saskatoon and the province plan to construct an interchange at the junction of Highway 684 and Highway 14 in the next few years to coincide with planned realignment of Highway 7 as part of the Blairmore Suburban Centre development. Concept maps indicate plans to reroute Highway 684 to link with the Yellowhead highway at a junction with Marquis Road in north Saskatoon.[1]

In 2012, the City of Saskatoon renamed the section of Highway 684 within the city from Dalmeny Road to Neault Road.

Intersections from south to north on the northwestern highway[edit]

Municipality km from southern end Intersecting Roads
Continues southward as Range Road 3244
Waseca 0 Highway 16 (start)
Eldon RM 3 Township Road 482
Eldon RM 6 Township Road 484
Eldon RM 10 Township Road 490
Eldon RM 13 Township Road 492 to Forest Bank
Eldon RM 14 Township Road 493
Eldon RM 18 Highway 303
Eldon RM 23 Township Road 502 to Pikes Peak
Eldon RM 24 Township Road 503
Marie Hill 26 Township Road 504
Eldon RM 31 Range Road 3245
Britannia RM 34 Township Road 510
Britannia RM 39 Township Road 513
Britannia RM 42 Range Road 3252
Britannia RM 45 Range Road 3253/Highway 798
Britannia RM 48 Township Road 520
Britannia RM 49 Township Road 520
Tangleflags 51 Township Road 522
Britannia RM 53 Range Road 3254/Township Road 522
Deer Creek Provincial Recreation Site 57 Highway 3 (end)

Intersections from south to north on the southeastern highway[edit]

Municipality km from southern end Intersecting Roads
Continues southward as Highway 7
Saskatoon 0 Highway 14/22nd Street West (start)
Saskatoon 2 33rd Street West (Township Road 370)
Corman Park RM 4 Battleford Trail
Corman Park RM 5 Whelan Road (Township Road 372)
Corman Park RM 6 Beam Road (Township Road 373)
Corman Park RM 8 Auction Mart Road (Township Road 374)
Corman Park RM 12 Highway 16
Corman Park RM 14 Lutheran Road (Township Road 382)
Corman Park RM 18 Mierau Road (Township Road 384)
Corman Park RM 21 Highway 305/Highway 784 (end)