Sasural Simar Ka

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Sasural Simar Ka
Genre Indian soap opera
Thriller Drama
Created by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
Written by Rajesh Dubey
Ved Raj
Sudhir Kumar
Sonali Jaffar
Jayesh Patil
Damini K Shetty
Directed by Pawan Kumar
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 02
No. of episodes 1052 as of 13 December 2014[1]
Producer(s) Rashmi Sharma
Location(s) Vrindavan
Running time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Rashmi Sharma TeleFilms
Original channel Colors TV
Picture format 576i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original run 25 April 2011 (2011-04-25) – Present
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Sasural Simar Ka is an Indian soap opera that airs on Colors TV Monday through Saturday evenings. The show premiered on April 25, 2011. The show is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms and tells the story of two sisters, Simar and Roli, who end up in the same home by marrying two brothers, Prem and Siddhant.

Plot summary[edit]

Sasural Simar Ka is the story of two sisters Simar and Roli who marry two brothers Siddhant and Prem and move into the same home. Marriage preparations starts in both the families. On the day of marriage, Simar has to go for the dance competition. So, Roli said I will be in your place as the bride till you come from the competition. But Prem marries Roli not knowing that it was Roli impersonating her sister. Prem's elder brother Siddhant returns to the house after 20 years. By the time Roli and Sid meet each other. After so many encounters Prem forgives Simar and accepted her by the time whole family came know about the secret of Prem's marriage. So both the families wanted meera to marry Prem and they kicked out Simar from the house. But Siddhant, Prem and Roli call her back and Roli says that she will divorce Prem so that Prem and Simar could marry. On the day of Roli and Prem's marriage due to Roli and Prem's willingness, Simar sits in the wedding with Prem and she get married with Prem. After the marriage when Simar enters the house everyone in the family come to know that Prem has married Simar instead of Roli. On seeing this Mataji instigates simar against rolli and asks who will marry a divorce. Siddhant gets angry on seeing this and he puts vermilion in her head. Finally Prem's family forgives Simar and accepts her and her sister Roli. But Mataji turns really evil and swears that she will teach Simar a lesson and thinks that because of Simar, Sid and Prem's life got spoiled.

As days passed, Veru and Khushi was trying to capture bharadwaj property . Simar and Roli put plan to fight against Veer and Khushi . Based on the plan, Roli have to act like love Veeru, and hate Siddanth . At last Veeru changed the property to Roli, and put Veeru in jail . But Veeru was escaped from jail and kidnapped Roli . They was fell down on a waterfalls, because of the accident, Roli was got memory loss . Veeru used that . Velu told Roli they got married . But seems got to know about this and told Roli about this . Velu shooted roli and roli died.Meanwhile no one in Bharadwaj family believes Simar when she tells them that roli was shot dead, as they believe she died in a car accident, a year ago. Veeru and Khushi take advantage of this problem and veeru declares that roli had signed all property papers in name of veeru. Now asroli was dead, he claims that the bharadwaj house is his and khushi's. On their way back from thehotel prem and simar meet a look alike of roli; durga, a local dancer. Prem and simar engage her to act as roli to save the bharadwaj house but durga turns down their offer. Prem and simar turn back home downcast to see the worst situation at baradwaj house. But durga , comes in right time and saves temm. SaKhushi and veeru try to find a proof that would proove that durga was not roli. Soon, durga's ten yr old brother balu joins them. Khushi carries out a finger print test but durga and simar lie convincingly. Durga, simar and prem make sure that all khushi's efforts go in vain.Soon, siddhant also comes to know of the plan and is terribly dissappointed. Finally at a party hosted by baradwaj house, durga and simar manage to push khushi and veeru out of the house. But veeru kidnaps balu and asks durga to kill simar in order to let balu free. Balu trys to escape a feew times in vain. Durga is inbetween terrible confusion when mataji announces that roli and siddhant could remarry again to bring back roli's memories which she lost in the accident a year before. Durga is shocked and breaks out the truth to simar about veeru's plan. Simar makes a new plan and askes durga to make a fake act of killing her. Durga reluctantly agrees and set of to the old mansion that once belonged to baradwaj house, where veeru and khushi also arrive with balu. Durga fakes an act in killing simar , but unfortunately veeru finds out their game and decides to kill them all but khushi runs away with balu and calls the police. They arrest veeru. Durga, simar and balu find roli in the old mansion to their utmost surprise. They take her back home happily. Everyone except siddhant and prem are shocked that durga had cheated them. After much persuation from simar the family forgives durga. Mataji tells everyone that they could've the marriage of siddhant and roli performed.Durga leaves with balu leaving a presentation for roli and siddhant.

The family is soon introduced to Janvi shakthi as a helpful girl as she helps Mataji to get back her purse from someone who runs away with it, but no one knows of her evil intentions and Mataji requests Janvi to stay in baradwaj house as family. Simar suspects janvi but prem convinces her. Janvi speaks very high of her grandma and also about injustice done to her by police. On Mataji's birthday, the family plans a surprise party for her, after , much persuation from all Mataji agrees to participate in the party. At that moment Janvi leaves without telling anybody and comes back to say that she also has a surprise for her host and she calls a lady inside the hall. Mataji and her daughter in law sujata are terrified to see who it is. But surprisingly the lady embraces Mataji and introduces herself as her Mataji's close friend, shoba. Mataji collapses, but shoba and janvi convince the family and take them to the store room where the baradwaj family is shocked to see a skeleton. Shoba and janvi cry for shakthi's death. Finally Mataji and sujata break the truth to the family about janvi's father shakthi who had tried to harm sujata and in turn Mataji had to hit shakthi with a beam to save sujata. But she swears that she never killed shakthi. Sujata also breaks out another shocking news that Prem's father was not Rajendran but Shakthi. Prem is shocked and at once turns to janvi's support. Janvi accepts that she was the one who had kidnapped roli and drugged her all these days to avenge bharadwaj family. Shoba and janvi speak innocently to prem, but their behavior turns different when prem is not there. They speak rudely and curse the baradwaj family.They even separate simar from the family. Janvi ties a rakhi in prem's hand seeking his protection and honouring him as her brother on rakshabandhan. The next day when janvi blabbers to siddhant that sujata luved shakthi and wanted to desert ranjendran siddhant slaps her. Prem gets angry and fights for janvi. When siddhant does not accept his guiltiness prem decides to leave the house. But simar stops him in time, shoba gets angry but she does not stop simar. A happy news breaks out in the house. Simar comes to know that it is her sister Pavi's baby shower. Simar is willing to attend it but prem doesn't want to go. So roli gives simar's gift to pavi which shoba mistakes that simar had give it to her. She also comes to know that the family has decided to give a shop as a property in the baby's name. She gets angry and goes back to her room to find simar trying to convince prem about baradwaj family's innocence. She bargs in and shouts about the recent decision of the family and asks if any property had been given to prem in name of anjali, her own grand daughter. When prem replies no, shoba says that it is injustice and asks prem to ask Mataji to give the new shop in name of anjali instead of pavi's child. She also tells him that if the family really had affection on him, they would change the decision, simar tries to tell them that there is no connection between affection and property, but prem agrees to his grandmother's deal.

Prem is disappointed when Mataji refuses to change the property to anjali's name. He thinks that the family has no love for him and decides to leave the house once and for all. Simar stops him again, but this time with a good reason that if shakthi had worked with ranjendran on construction basis, then they all had also the rights to live in bharadwaj house. Shoba and janvi find this reason convincing and move into one part of the house and claim it for themselves. No one except mataji, roli and simar knows it is a part of their plan. Simar speaks rudely to roli each time she sees her in the veranda or kitchen which convinces shoba who suspects simar. Prem feels insulted and lonely because bof baradwaj family. When shoba, finally finds out that simar still favors the baradwaj family, prem and janvi get very angry , both of them and shoba firmly decide to leave the house. They drag simar along. Once simar reaches her new home, she starts contacting roli and asks her to find out about Mahesh, a former servant in Mataji's house.Roli meets with a few accidents. Simar gets panicky and asks roli to come to the temple ground at night. When roli arrives the sisters find a part if the skeleton and simar breaks a bone from it. But a snake bites simar and she faints. With much difficulty she reaches home, but she collapses. Shoba and janvi come to know half the truth. Roli gives the sample for DNA test along with prem's saliva sample. But when she goes to get the result someone tries to kill her, but simar saves her in time. Finally they get the result and both the results don't match. Shoba, janvi and prem realize their mistake and apologize to everyone. They all happily move back to baradwaj house when pavi's labour pains start and she delivers a son. There is great happiness in the hospital when shakthi comes, to baradwaj house - alive. Shoba gets angry on him and tells him a new plan when roli comes into the room, and each is shocked to see the other. Roli speaks rudely to both and shakthi gets angry and he and shoba , make much attempts to kill roli. Prem, siddhant and roli get panicky that something might have happened and rush home before which shakthi makes a quick escape. Roli hugs siddhant and cries and tells everything to them. Prem calls the police and they arrest shoba. Janvi gets angry and goes to jail and cries before shoba and swears to kill sujata who was the whole cause of the problem. Meanwhile everyone gets ready for the Ganapati festival. At that time shoba calls roli and simar and tells them a big truth. Janvi was not shoba's grand daughter, she was the daughter of bharadwaj family. Simar and roli are shocked. Simar gets a copy of the CCTV footage in her cell phone amd arrives in time to show it to janvi when she is about to shoot sujata.The bharadwaj family is stunned to see the video and they all set of to a particular location near the police station. Simar and roli make a plan and roli asks the police to fake an act as if releasing shoba. Soon, shoba arrives to the same place with shakthi and is taken aback to see the baradwaj family. Shoba realises, her game is over and breaks out all the truth.She also adds that she was the one who had attempted to kill roli many times and let go the snake to bite simar. Prem is ashamed of shoba and swears never to stand by their side. The police firmly call away shoba and shakthi.Janvi begs for forgiveness to the bharadwaj family. Mataji accepts her apology and welcomes her to her beloved family, which she avoided all these years.

Janvi soon resumes her normal life and starts to work in a hospital in Delhi. She is introduced to an adamant patient, Harikrishnan in an accident case. Janvi and harikrishnan fight with each other terribly. Janvi thinks hari is an adamant and proud patient. But she forces him to follow all hospital rules even though other staffs warn her that he was from one of the richest business families. Janvi doesn't care and takes her own way and says that money and status have no way to go round attracting 'everything'. Harikrishnan overhears this and plans to teach janvi a lesson. He finally manages to take the revenge by accusing her and the hospital manager fires her. Simar comes and screams at the manager and leaves him shocked. On the way hari's car dashes into the taxi in which simar and janvi are travelling,and a heated argument rises between janvi and hari and janvi slaps him, but before hari can react to it,simar takes her away from the place. She returns home and collapses before roli with weariness as she had been on duty in hospital for almost forty eight continuous hours. Roli says it was the best thing to have left the hospital, Meanwhile pavi's mother akshana arrives to attend pavi's child's naming ceremony. She feels a little jealous when she sees that simar cares more for the child than pavi and poisons pavi's mind against simar, who never again gives her child in simar's hand.That night harikrishnan comes to baradwaj house and stands below janvi's room and calls her, and when she comes down with a knife, he laughs at her and says that he likes her. But janvi runs away without replying. The next day hari clears up a ward in the hospital and calls janvi. When janvi arrives, he stands before her and says 'I love you'. Janvi is shocked, but she slowly reciprocates. When she returns home, she realises the naming ceremony is about to start. Soon, the ceremony starts and guests mistake simar to be the child's mother as she holds the baby. Pavi gets angry on seeing this and snatches the baby from her hand. She doesn't allow simar to name the baby.Mataji and the others think it's not fair but akshana convinces them. The baby is named Anand Baradwaj and the ceremony gets over grandly. Another good news crackles in the house ,that a good groom for janvi was arriving the next day to meet her and the family.


This show is dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu languages. The Tamil version is broadcast as Moondru Mudichu in Polimer TV in Tamil, the Malyalam version is Sitara in Surya TV and the Telugu version is aired on Maa Gold as Moodu Mullu.


Main cast
Additional cast
  • Jayati Bhatia as Nirmala Devi Daddoji Bharadwaj
  • Falaq Naaz as Jhanvi Anurag Arora
  • Neha Lakhshmi Iyer as Surbhi
  • Jyotsna Chandola as Khushi Sankalp Bharadwaj / Billo Rani
  • Aadesh Chaudhary as Vikrant Mehta
  • Nishigandha Wad as Sujata Rajendra Bharadwaj
  • Nimisha Vakharia as Manoranjan / Mausiji
  • Aniruddh Singh as Dr. Anurag Arora
  • Aryamann Seth as Sankalp Suryendra Bharadwaj
  • Adarsh Gautam as Rajendra Daddoji Bharadwaj
  • Jhanvi Vohra as Karuna Suryendra Bharadwaj
  • Vishal as Satyendra Rajendra Bharadwaj
  • Snehal Sahay as Uma Satyendra Bharadwaj
  • Ssumier S Pasricha as Shailendra Rajendra Bharadwaj
  • Shweta Sinha as Pari Shailendra Bharadwaj
  • Parmeet Kaur Rithvi Jain Twins as Anjali Prem Bharadwaj
  • Prateek Shukla as Kartik Mehta
  • Rithvi Jain as Anjali Prem Bharadwaj
  • Tvisha Jain as Sanjana Vikrant Mehta
Former cast


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