Satinder Sartaaj

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Satinder Sartaaj
Also known as Satinder Sartaj, Sartaaj
Born Bajrawar, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India
Genres Sufi,folk
Occupation(s) Singer, poet
Instruments Vocals, harmonium
Years active 2003-present

Satinder Pal Singh Saini (Punjabi: ਸਤਿੰਦਰ ਸਰਤਾਜ) is an Indian Punjabi singer, song writer and poet.[1][2] He gained fame with his hit song "Sai". Since then his popularity has seen a constant surge among the Punjabi diaspora with his shows being held in many countries across the world.[3]He is considered as the savior of Gurmukhi language,punjabi culture ,traditions and folk.

Early life and marriage[edit]

Satinder Sartaaj grew up in Bajrawar village of Hoshiarpur, Punjab.[4] He did his schooling from the government schools in his village and the nearby villages Chabewal and Patti. He started performing on children's stages by the time he was in class 3. After that, he joined Government College, Hoshiarpur to complete his graduation in Music with Honours. He also joined Sangeet Visharad, a five-year diploma in classical music from Jalandhar.


Satinder Sartaaj is a rare singer who is highly qualified, having earned a Doctorate. While most folk singers and movie singers in India are not known for their educational qualifications, Sartaaj is one of the younger crop of singers who have gone through the rigors of formal education. He obtained a degree in Music from Government College, Hoshiarpur. Satinder Sartaaj concentrated on his sufiana musical career having done his M. Phil in Sufi music singing and later a Ph.D in Sufi singing (gayan) from Panjab University, Chandigarh.[5] He also taught music at Panjab University. Satinder also completed a Certificate Course and Diploma in Persian language.[1] It was in college, when he also started writing poetry and adopted his Takhallus (poetic name) Sartaaj.[6] He got married on 9 December 2010.


Before rising to fame, Sartaaj participated in and won many musical events. He appeared on Zee Antakshari show, a popular Indian musical show hosted by Annu Kapoor, performed in the folk category and won appreciation. He was a first runner-up in the 24th All-India Light Vocal Festival and a topper in the Punjab Heritage Foundation Competitions.Since 2009 to present Satinder Sartaaj has won many awards of excellence for his singing and poetry from many prestigious institutions all over the world.Today he is loved,adored,respected and listened to by people of all ages.


Satinder Sartaaj released his first official,commercial album in 2010. [7]

Year Album Record Label
2009 Tere Qurbaan Fine Tone
2010 Sartaaj Speed Records
2011 Cheerey Wala Sartaaj Speed Records
2012 Sartaaj Live Speed Records
2013 Afsaaney Sartaaj De Firdaus Production & Eros International
2014 Rangrez-The Poet of Colors Sony Music & Firdaus Productions


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