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For the type of pitcher in which sauce is served, see Saucière. For the United States Supreme Court decision, see Saucier v. Katz.

A saucier (French pronunciation: ​[sosje]) or sauté chef is a position in the classical brigade style kitchen. It can be translated into English as sauce cook. In addition to preparing sauces, the saucier prepares stews, hot hors d'œuvres, and sautés food to order. Although it is the highest position of the station cooks, the saucier is still considered subordinate to the chef and the sous-chef.

Escoffier definition[edit]

In Georges Auguste Escoffier's system of the classic kitchen brigade, outlined in his Guide Culinaire, the saucier is "responsible for all sautéed items and most sauces."

Sauciers in popular culture[edit]

Frederic Forrest's character Jay 'Chef' Hicks in the 1979 film Apocalypse Now remarks to protagonist Capt. Benjamin Willard, who is from New Orleans, that he was "raised to be a saucier". [1] In Tropic Thunder, the character Kirk Lazarus claims to have been a saucier in San Antonio "before the war broke out."[2]

American singer Kelis is a professionally trained saucier and certified chef, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu school in 2010. In October 2013, Kelis debuted her sauce line, "Feast" at the Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival. Shortly after, Kelis announced her cooking TV special Saucy & Sweet to be aired on the Cooking Channel, which later began airing in February 2014. Kelis has stated her training as a saucier and passion for cooking influenced the content and creative process of her sixth studio album Food.

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