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Saucisse (born 1998) is a dachshund racedog. He was a candidate at the 2001 elections of Marseille to be mayor and was also a candidate for the third edition of Secret Story 2009 (France) for a period of one week.[1]


1998-2000: a stray dog[edit]

At an early age the dog, which was not yet named, was found in garbage by the SPA. He underwent several operations and was finally saved. He waited eight months behind the bars of his cage before being adopted by the team of L'Écailler du Sud, a Marseille publishing house of detective novels, notably by the writer Serge Scotto[2] who made him his mascot and named him Saucisse.[3]

2000-present: the success[edit]

Saucisse quickly became the hero of many of novels[4] and his reputation began to spread over the Marseille region. On 14 September 2000, a square in the city of Marseille was inaugurated and named after him, becoming the Place du Chien Saucisse.(43°17′42″N 5°23′03″E / 43.2949°N 5.3841°E / 43.2949; 5.3841) [5]

But what has really made him famous to the general public was his candidacy at the municipal elections of 2001 in Marseille in the first area (1st and 7th arrondissement) as the mascot of an alternative eponymous list led by Stéphane Joiris and having the slogan "For a more human sauciété [society], against a dog's life".[6] This list managed to rank 6th with 4.5% of the votes and thus exceeding with almost one point the list of the local Rally for France.[7] Thereafter, Serge Scotto registered his dog to the French presidential election, 2002.[8]

Serge Scotto introduced his dog to many celebrities, taking him to trade shows and literary gatherings. Saucisse appeared on many television shows including Vie privée, vie publique, hosted by Mireille Dumas, La Méthode Cauet or On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde by Marc-Olivier Fogiel.[9] Saucisse was photographed with many people such as Ève Ruggieri, Bernard Werber, Florence Foresti and Raymond Devos.[9] During these few years, Saucisse continued to follow Scotto and was "used" several times by the latter as a media figure to expose certain injustices such as the kidnapping of Florence Aubenas and Hussein Hanoun.[9] The dog also helped his master during all these years in his columns for the daily Métro.[10]

Since 2000, Serge Scotto created a T-shirt bearing the effigy of a dog. In 2002, a vintage named "Cuvée Chien Saucisse" was created in Roquemaure.[4]

In 2007, Serge Scotto composed a song he sings in duet with his dog, accompanied by the group Musard entitled "Petit chien des rues", in reference to the dog's early life.

On 17 July 2009, in the show Secret Story 3, Benjamin Castaldi announced the arrival of a new resident of 77 years for the following week. Thus, on 24 July 2009, after many rumors on this subject,[11][12] Saucisse entered the house and was renamed 'Secret' for the occasion. He entered with his own secret which was : "I was candidate for Mayor at the City hall of Marseille".[13] This secret was on the list of secrets since the beginning of the 3rd season. During his participation in the reality show, Saucisse was only with other candidates from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily and consulted his veterinarian twice every day. The money he won was given to the Société protectrice des animaux.[14] However, he left the house on 31 July and his secret was not discovered by other contestants.[15]


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