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Saudi Australian
Total population
10,518 (by birth, 2011)
3,696 (by ancestry, 2011)
Regions with significant populations
Australian English, Arabic
Related ethnic groups
Saudi American

Saudi Australian defines someone who is an Australian national or citizen with origins in Saudi Arabia as well the general Saudi expatriate community in Australia. There are thousands of Saudis living in Australia; they can be found in all major urban centres including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and make up a substantial representation in the Arab Australian community. A significant number of Saudis are international students; each year, hundreds of Saudi students choose to study in Australian universities under the King Abdullah Scholarship Program. In 2010, their number was estimated at 10,000. Saudi students were seen in a wide range of fields including health, IT, business and accounting.[1] The increase is almost eightfold since the past few years.[2]

Notable people[edit]

  • Shanina Shaik - Australian fashion model of Lithuanian and Pakistani-Saudi Arabian ethnicity.[3]

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