Saudi Royal Guard Regiment

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The Saudi Arabian Royal Guard Regiment is one of the more visible units in the Saudi Arabian Army. Originally an independent military force, the Royal Guards were incorporated into the Army in 1964. However, the Royal Guards still retained their unique mission of protecting the House of Saud. Units of the Royal Guard protect the King of Saudi Arabia at all times.[1]

The Royal Guards report directly to the king and for security reasons maintain a separate communications network from the regular Army.

Members of the Royal Guard Regiment often wore the flowing white thaub (robe) and white kaffiyah and qutrah (traditional Arab headgear of skullcap and scarf). Royal Guardsmen wear bright green berets when in conventional uniforms.


The Royal Guard Regiment consists of three light infantry battalions, based near Riyadh. The commander of the Royal Guard is General Hamad ibn Muhammad al-Uhali.


Saudi Ranks.PNG
Officers (up) Enlisted (down)


  • Lieutenant (Arabic:ملازم)
  • First Class Lieutenant (Arabic:ملازم أول)
  • Captain (Arabic:نقيب)
  • Major (Arabic:رائد)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Arabic:مقدم)
  • Colonel (Arabic:عقيد)
  • Brigadier General (Arabic:عميد)
  • General (Arabic:لواء)
  • First Class General (Arabic:فريق)
  • Field Marshal (Arabic:فريق أول)
  • First Class Field Marshal (Arabic:مشير)


  • Private (Arabic:جندي)
  • First Private (Arabic:جندي أول)
  • Corporal (Arabic:عريف)
  • Vice Sergeant (Arabic:وكيل رقيب)
  • Sergeant (Arabic:رقيب)
  • First Class Sergeant (Arabic:رقيب أول)
  • Master Sergeant (Arabic:رئيس رقباء)