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Saughton council flats.jpg

Saughton (/ˈsɒx.tən/ SOKH-tən; Sauchton in Scots) is a suburb of the west of Edinburgh, Scotland, bordering on Broomhouse, Longstone and Carrick Knowe. In Scots, a "sauch" is a willow. The Water of Leith flows by here.

It is best known for its prison, known officially as "HM Prison Edinburgh", but colloquially as "Saughton Prison", which lies to the south of the district.

The Calder Road, one of the main city arteries, runs through it.

More recently Saughton park has become home to an acclaimed outdoor concrete skatepark

Actually situated in the Broomhouse area and fronting on Broomhouse Drive, Saughton House is a large Government office, built in the 1950s, which houses the Scottish Executive, HM Revenue and Customs, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and a number of other Government offices.

From May 2014, Saughton will be served by Edinburgh Trams - including the Saughton tram stop.

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Coordinates: 55°55′46″N 3°16′05″W / 55.92944°N 3.26806°W / 55.92944; -3.26806