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Saugor railway station view from platform number 2

Saugor (also pronounced as Sãgar) (Station Code : SGO) is an important and main railway station of Sagar city in Madhya Pradesh. It is operated by West Central Railway with its headquarters at Jabalpur.

Structure and location[edit]

Logo board of the station

The railway station of Sagar lies on the main Bina - Katni Rail Route. To its north lies Khurai Railway Station and to its south lies Damoh Railway Station. The main railway station of Sagar is located just 3 k.m. from the city centre and 10 k.m. from its other local railway station Saugor Makronia. The main railway station of Sagar consist a total number of 2 Platforms. The following facilities are presently available at the railway station :

  • 3 Computerised Reserved Ticket Counters
  • 4 Computerised Unreserved Ticket Counters
  • 3 Waiting Halls (1 General, 1 Ladies and 1 Upper Class)
  • Telephone Booths
  • Railway Restaurant at Platform no.1
  • Food stores at both the platforms
  • Book and Tea stalls
  • Railway Coaching Centre
  • Railway Police Station
  • Cold Water Vendors
  • PNR Checking Machines
  • Toilets and Sanitation

There is a need for an A.T.M. as well as Internet Cafe at the station whose works are under construction

Important trains passing through[edit]

The station of Saugor halts for a few trains as there are more goods trains than that of passengers due to coal mines. The trains which pass on through Bina - Katni Rail Route had their stoppage at this station. The important trains halting here are:

It has also operated and halts for many passenger trains, these were:

Despite heavy passenger demand and traffic there is no luxury train on the Bina - Katni Rail Route so this station does not halt any Rajdhani Express, any Shatabadi Express or a Jan Shatabadi Express due to lack of railway ministry attention on the Katni - Bina route. Hence it lacks connectivity with important places such as all the major cities in South India including Trivendrum, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mysore, Coimbatore, Cochin, Kolhapur and Tirupati. It also lacks direct connectivity with North and East India despite of heavy passenger traffic for cities like Dehradun, Gorakhpur, Kanpur and Guwahati.

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