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Saúl Lisazo
Born Saúl Gustavo Lisazo Oscoidi
(1956-06-01) June 1, 1956 (age 58)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Actor

Saúl Gustavo Lisazo Oscoidi (Spanish pronunciation: [saˈul liˈsaso]; born June 1, 1956 in Los Toldos, province of Buenos Aires in Argentina) is an Argentine actor and ex-footballer.


Saúl Gustavo Lisazo Oscoidi is one of 6 siblings: Maria, Fernanda, Araceli, Alejandro, Mauricio, and Vanina. One event in his childhood that marked him was the death of his father when he only was 12 years old. Soccer is one of his passions; he started playing soccer with his father when he was a little boy and it grew to be his favorite sport and one that would take him to other countries around the world. In Spain, he met who would become the woman of his life, former model Mónica Viedma, whom he married. The pair has two kids, Paula, who was born on June 4, 1999 and Martin, born on November 11, 2003.

He played in Sarmiento for 10 years. He also played in Atlanta in Argentina, SK Beveren and KV Mechelen in Belgium; and in Juventus from Brazil. Saúl had to leave the sport but he tried to play in Barcelona until an injury in his knee forced him to leave it completely. In 1983, he decided to become a model.

In 1988, he started studying dramatic arts in Spain, at the academy of the Argentine actress Cristina Rotta. After two and a half years of preparation he had his first opportunity, in the movie "El Regreso a la Isla del Tesoro". During the early 1990s, Saúl flew to Mexico City, where he was the image of a very important liquor company which brought him international fame. Meanwhile, he acted in theater shows like "La Fierecilla Domada", "Tartufo," and others.

His first telenovela break came in 1990, when Mexican actress Lucía Méndez insisted that he would be her partner in her new novela, "Amor de Nadie", which became a major hit across Latin America. After that he started in other telenovelas, such as "Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma", and "La Jaula de Oro", among others.[1] He also was in productions such as Tenias que ser Tu, Prisionera de Amor.


Year Title Role Notes
2014-2015 Las Bravo Enrique Velazquez Main Antagonist
2012-2013 El Rostro de la Venganza Ezequiel Alvarado Protagonist
2011 El octavo mandamiento Julián Protagonist
2010 Capadocia season 2 Javier TV series
2010 El Clon Leonardo Ferrer Adult Protagonist
2007 Mientras Haya Vida Hector Cervantes Protagonist
2007 Ladrón que roba a ladrón Moctesuma Valdez [2] Film
2005–2006 Tierra de Pasiones Francisco Contreras Protagonist
2004 Gitanas Juan Dominguez Adult Protagonist
2001 El Derecho de Nacer Aldo Drigani Protagonist
1999 Por tu Amor Marco Durán Protagonist
1999 El Niño que Vino del Mar Don Alfonso Cáceres de Ribera 'Duque de Oriol' Protagonist
1998 Vivo Por Elena Juan Alberto Montiel Protagonist
1997 La Jaula de Oro Alex Moncada Protagonist
1995 Bajo un Mismo Rostro Alexis Teodorakis Protagonist
1995 Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma David Montalvo Protagonist
1994 El Dia que me Quieras Miguel Supporting Role
1994 Prisionera de Amor Jose Armando Protagonist
1993 Tenias que ser Tú Alejandro Reyes Supporting Role
1990 Amor de Nadie Luis Protagonist


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