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Saul Marron (born 15 September 1981) is a Scottish actor.

Early life[edit]

Born Saul-Joseph Marron in Leicester, the youngest of four children, he moved to Scotland as a baby and was raised in Crieff (Perthshire). He attended St Columba's High School, Perth.

Marron started acting as a teenager and went on to study at East 15 Acting School in Loughton.


Best known for his voiceover work, Saul Marron has appeared in several advertising campaigns, most notably the FRANK anti-drugs commercial with David Mitchell where he played the part of Baggie.

In 2007 he played the part of Sam MacDonnell, the love-sick best friend in The London Affair (Grass Roots Media). He also starred in the new play Madonna & Me [1] (Scouse Productions) in the West End's Jermyn Street Theatre.

Marron currently resides in London.


Madonna & Me

The Stage (1 May 2007)[1]

Extra! Extra! (April 2007)[2]

List of credits[edit]

Year Title Genre Role Director
2009 Sleepwalk Radio Mark David Grethen
2009 The Ditch Voiceover Narrator Mark Preston
2008 Talk To Frank Voiceover Baggie Johnny Burns
2008 Wonderful World Voiceover Narrator Amanda Hallworth
2008 Dark Laws Broken Feature Film Angus McDonald J Shamaal
2008 Shadowman Voiceover The Shadow Pier Van Tijn
2007 Madonna & Me Theatre Mark Pearl Marsland
2007 The London Affair TV Mark McDonnell Nick Jones
2007 Head To Head Film Harry Azhur Saleem
2007 Rogers Family Online Roger Azhur Saleem
2007 Hillside Voiceover Darren Ellis Rik Lander
2006 Yada Feature Film Joseph Sbush Ghai
2006 Bink Theatre Jarrow Steven Lee
2005 The Engineers Corset Theatre Samuel Taylor Maureen O'Brien