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The Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is run by a city council of 12 councillors, representing six wards, and a mayor.


The city's current mayor is Debbie Amaroso, who won the 2010 municipal election on October 25,[1] and took office on December 1.[2]

The city's previous mayor, John Rowswell, was first elected in 2000 and won re-election in 2003 and 2006. Rowswell died on August 31, 2010, and the mayoral position was filled on a monthly rotating basis by city councillors until Amaroso took office. Lorena Tridico served as acting mayor in September, Susan Myers served as acting mayor in October, and Ozzie Grandinetti served as acting mayor in November.[2]


Council elected in the 2006 municipal election:

  • Mayor - John Rowswell
  • Ward 1 — Steve Butland, James Caicco
  • Ward 2 — Susan Myers, Terry Sheehan
  • Ward 3 — Bryan Hayes, Pat Mick
  • Ward 4 — Lorena Tridico, Lou Turco
  • Ward 5 — David Celetti, Frank Fata
  • Ward 6 — Ozzie Grandinetti, Frank Manzo


Council elected in the 2010 municipal election:

  • Mayor - Debbie Amaroso
  • Ward 1 — Steve Butland, Paul Christian
  • Ward 2 — Susan Myers, Terry Sheehan
  • Ward 3 — Pat Mick, Brian Watkins
  • Ward 4 — Rick Niro, Lou Turco
  • Ward 5 — Marchy Bruni, Frank Fata
  • Ward 6 — Joe Krmpotich, Frank Manzo


The council is most famous for a controversial language resolution, passed in 1990, which affirmed that English was the sole working language of the city government. The resolution was subsequently struck down by the courts in 1994.