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Savas Beatie LLC
Industry Publishing
Founded 2004 in El Dorado Hills and New York City
Headquarters El Dorado Hills, CA
Key people
Theodore P. Savas, Managing Director; Sarah Keeney Marketing Director
Products Publisher of Historical Non-Fiction
Number of employees

Savas Beatie LLC, commonly referred to as simply Savas Beatie or Savas Beatie Publishing, is a California-based book publishing company established in 2004. To date the company has published more than one hundred and twenty (120) military, general history (and more recently, sports history) titles. The company uses the tag line "Independent, scholarly, and a bit old fashioned." Savas Beatie titles are distributed into the general book trade by Philadelphia-based Casemate Publishing.[1] Markets outside the general trade, including individual enthusiasts, national and state historic sites, and specialty sales, are managed inside the company.


Savas Beatie was established in late 2003, launching on January 1, 2004, when New York attorney Russel H. "Cap" Beatie and Theodore P. "Ted" Savas[2] agreed to form the company. Savas, a licensed California attorney and author/editor, had been consulting with and working for a number of publishing companies. He was the co-founder (with David Woodbury) of Savas Woodbury Publishers (1992). The pair met in November 1988 in San Diego at a West Coast Civil War conference, discovered their mutual interest, and returned to the Bay Area (Woodbury lived and worked in San Francisco, Savas in San Jose) to launch the printed quarterly journal Civil War Regiments: A Journal of the American Civil War. This undertaking formed the foundation for what would soon become Savas Woodbury Publishers, a book publishing company that specialized in American Civil War titles. When Woodbury left in 1995 to pursue other interests, the company changed its name to Savas Publishing Company. The genres of publishing expanded at this time to include other historical topics, including World War II, the Indian Wars, and more general historical interests such as the bestselling 1912 Facts About Titanic. Savas Publishing was sold to Combined Publishing / Perseus Books Group in 2000.

Savas Beatie publishes books on various aspects of military, sports, and general history since 2004. In addition to print books, it maintains a digital publishing catalog, with nearly all of its titles available in all e-formats, and several of its titles are available as audio books. Savas Beatie is distributed into the North America book trade by Casemate Publishing Company of Havertown, Pennsylvania, with Casemate UK handling European sales. Direct non-book trade sales are handled in-house.


Savas Beatie titles have received the following forms of recognition:[3]

  • Champion Hill: Decisive Battle for Vicksburg (2004) ISBN 978-1-932714-00-5
    By Timothy B. Smith, American Civil War.
    • A selection of the Civil War Preservation Trust fundraising program.
    • Winner of Non-Fiction Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, 2005
  • Chicago’s Battery Boys: The Chicago Mercantile Battery in the Civil War’s Western Theater (2007) ISBN 978-1-932714-38-8
    By Richard Brady Williams, American Civil War.
    • A selection of the Civil War Preservation Trust fundraising program.
  • The Complete Gettysburg Guide: Walking and Driving Tours of the Battlefield, Town, Cemeteries, Field Hospital Sites, and other Topics of Historical Interest (2009) ISBN 978-1-932714-63-0
    By J. David Petruzzi and Steven Stanley, American Civil War.
    • The Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award, for Reference, 2009
    • Honorable Mention, 2010, Peter Seaborg Award Given by Shepherd University
  • Confederate General William "Extra Billy" Smith: From Virginia's Statehouse to Gettysburg Scapegoat (2013) ISBN 978-1-611211-29-0
    By Scott L. Mingus, Sr, American Civil War.
    • Winner 2013 Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. Literary Award for Confederate military, social, or political history
    • Winner 2013 Nathan Bedford Forrest Southern History Award
  • Gettysburg's Forgotten Cavalry Actions: Farnsworth’s Charge, South Cavalry Field, and the Battle of Fairfield, July 3, 1863 (2011) ISBN 978-1-611210-70-5
    By Eric Wittenberg, American Civil War.
    • Winner of the Bachelder-Coddington Award for the year’s best new work interpreting the Battle of Gettysburg
    • Winner for Reprint, 2011, Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Book Award
  • Hey Buddy: In Pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Music (2011) ISBN 978-1-932714-97-5
    By Gary W. Moore, Non-Fiction.
    • Finalist for General Non-fiction, 2011, The Indie Book Awards
    • Finalist for Memoirs (Historical/Legacy/Career), 2011, The Indie Book Awards
  • Major General Robert E. Rodes of the Army of Northern Virginia: A Biography (2008) ISBN 978-1-932714-09-8
    By Darrell Collins, American Civil War.
    • Finalist, Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Book Award for Biography, 2008
    • Douglas Southall Freeman Award for Best Book on Southern History, 2009
  • The Maryland Campaign of September 1862: Volume 1: South Mountain (2010) ISBN 978-1-932714-81-4
    By Thomas Clemens, American Civil War.
    • Winner for Reprint, 2010, Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Book Award
  • The New American Revolution Handbook: Facts and Artwork for Readers of All Ages, 1775–1783 (2009) ISBN 978-1-932714-88-3
    By Theodore P. Savas and J. David Dameron American Revolution.
    • WINNER: Reference, 2010 Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Book Award
  • Once A Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander’s Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery (2008) ISBN 978-1-932714-47-0
    By Nick Popaditch, Iraq War/Veterans.
    • Finalist selection for the The Indie Book Awards, Autobiography / Memoirs 2009
    • 2009 Military-Writers Book of the Year Winner
  • Paradigm: A Novel (2006) ISBN 978-1-932714-16-6
    By Robert Taylor, Fiction
    • 2006 Military Writers Scoiety of America Gold Medal for Fiction
  • Playing with the Enemy: A Baseball Prodigy, a World at War, and a Field a of Broken Dreams (2006) ISBN 978-1-932714-24-1
    By Gary W. Moore, World Wars
    • 2006 Military Writers Society of America Non-Fiction Book of the Year winner
  • The Rashness of That Hour: Politics, Gettysburg, and the Downfall of Brigadier General Alfred Iverson (2009) ISBN 978-1-932714-88-3
    By Robert J. Wynstra, American Civil War.
    • The Bachelder-Coddington Literary Award, 2011 given by the Robert E. Lee Civil War Round Table of Central New Jersey
    • 2011 James I Robertson Literary Award honoring scholarship in the field of Confederate history
    • Winner, 2012, The Civil War Round Table Award
  • Saratoga: A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution (2008) ISBN 978-1-932714-44-9
    By John Luzader, American Revolutionary War.
    • Runner-up, The Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award for Operational / Battle History, 2008
  • Sickles at Gettysburg: The Controversial Civil War General Who Committed Murder, Abandoned Little Round Top, and Declared Himself the Hero of Gettysburg (2009) ISBN 978-1-932714-64-7
    By James A. Hessler, American Civil War.
    • The Bachelder-Coddington Literary Award, 2009 Given by the Robert E. Lee Civil War Round Table of Central New Jersey
    • 2009 Army Historical Distinguished Book Award Finalist
    • 2009 Gettysburg Round Table's Distinguished Book Award Winner
  • Those Damned Black Hats!: The Iron Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign (2008) ISBN 978-1-932714-48-7
    By Lance J. Herdegen, American Civil War.
    • The Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award for Operational / Battle History, 2008
  • The US Army's First, Last, and Only All-Black Rangers: The 2d Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) in the Korean War, 1950–1951 (2009) ISBN 978-1-932714-45-6
    By Edward L. Posey, Korean Wars
    • 2009 Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Book Award Finalist


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