Save the Amazon Rainforest Organisation

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Save the Amazon Rainforest Organization
Founder Jessica Hatfield and Dieter Bratschi
Dissolved May 2012
Type Charity

Save the Amazon Rainforest Organization (STARO) is a charity that aims to save the Amazon rainforest from destruction, and is based in London in the United Kingdom.


STARO stands for Save The Amazon Rainforest Organization and was created by Jessica Hatfield and Dieter Bratschi as a (registered charity number 1116002)to promote for the benefit of the public, the preservation and conservation of the Amazon Rainforest; advance the education in such subjects and to promote research into the climate, flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest to publish the useful results. STARO works with the local dwellers to promote sustainable income sources such as beekeeping, nut gathering and other activities. There is only 45% of the Amazon Rain forest left. At first the people who created STARO wanted to make a charity to save gorillas but that didn't work out so decided to change it to rain forests instead.

What they do[edit]

  • Work closely with Brazilian environmental charities, in fostering the exploration of the rich biodiversity and ethno-botanical value of the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Carry out sustainable agricultural projects with the local forest dwellers enabling them to live in harmony with nature.

Objectives of the STARO[edit]

  • Work with the Brazilian people to manage rainforest ecosystems in a sustainable way.
  • Provide economic alternatives for the local people, substantially reducing the damage caused by destructive agricultural practices.
  • Purchasing of the land enables these projects to take place.
  • Provide field study grants for students and researchers to make a detailed inventory of the area’s ecosystem and biodiversity.
  • This research identifies the needs of the forest dwellers and investigate solutions.
  • Prepare strategies and guidelines towards sustainable environmental management of the area

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