Saved by the Bell: The College Years

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Saved by the Bell:
The College Years
The cast of The College Years.
Genre Sitcom
Created by Sam Bobrick
Developed by Elaine Aronson
Written by Elaine Aronson
Andy Guerdat
Steve Kreinberg
Noah Taft
Bennett Tramer
Mark Fink
Brett Dewey
Ronald Solomon
Directed by Miguel Higuera
Jeffrey Melman
Starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Mario López
Dustin Diamond
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
Anne Tremko
Kiersten Warren
Bob Golic
Patrick Fabian
Holland Taylor
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 19
Executive producer(s) Peter Engel
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel NBC
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original run September 14, 1993 – February 8, 1994
Preceded by Saved by the Bell
Followed by Saved by the Bell: The New Class

Saved by the Bell: The College Years is a sequel to the Saved by the Bell series which ran from September 14, 1993 (though the original pilot aired on May 22, 1993) to February 8, 1994, lasting one season. It was the third incarnation of the franchise. It is also the only series of the franchise to air on primetime television instead of Saturday mornings. It aired on NBC on Tuesday evenings.[1]


In Saved by the Bell: The College Years, the cast dealt with college life at the fictional California University (a thinly veiled UC Berkeley, Zack having referenced in the first episode that San Francisco was "Right across the bridge," and Kelly stating in "Wedding Plans" that "Reno is just three hours away.") The show's premise was very similar to the original Saved by the Bell series, with the six characters getting into different situations each week while remaining under the watchful eye of their resident director and later the Dean of Students.

Originally, the six main characters on The College Years were Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, Screech Powers, Leslie Burke (Anne Tremko), Alex Tabor (Kiersten Warren), and Danielle Marks (Essence Atkins). After the pilot, Tiffani Thiessen decided to return to play Kelly Kapowski. Atkins's character was written out of the plotline with transferring out as the reason.

At the beginning of the series, Zack was pursuing a relationship with Leslie, but after Kelly transferred to Cal U, Zack became interested in both of them. Eventually, Kelly became Zack's sole love interest. His relationship with Kelly was temporarily sidetracked when Kelly entered into a short-lived relationship with their anthropology professor, Jeremiah Lasky (Patrick Fabian). By the end of the series, Zack and Kelly became engaged.

Zack, Kelly, Slater, Screech, Leslie, and Alex's dorm advisor was Mike Rogers (Bob Golic), an ex-football player. Although he looked and acted tough, he did have a softer side. In one episode, he took a liking to a laboratory mouse named X97, and also revealed some of his problems with women, including the fact that he never had a date in high school. One episode saw him—with Zack, Slater and Screech's help—training to get back into football. Though he qualified, he chose to stay at college. (He also was really worn out by the whole thing.)

During the later part of the series, Dean Susan McMann (Holland Taylor) joined the series as its authority figure and instantly developed a dislike for Zack, knowing about his scheming ways.

The series was cancelled, as Zack and Kelly decided to elope to Las Vegas. Later that fall, the TV-Movie, Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, aired to provide closure to the series and its characters.

The show was cancelled after only ranking 88th in the yearly ratings with a 7.8 household rating (about 7.3 million households) and a 12 percent audience share. It had to deal with major competition from ABC's Full House and the first half of CBS's Rescue 911, both of which ranked in the Nielsen Top 30 that season. 19 episodes were produced and aired.

Episode list[edit]

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Rating/Share
1 September 12, 1993 60500 "Pilot" 6.7/14 [2]
2 September 14, 1993 60501 "Guess Who's Coming to College?" 9.9/16 [3]
3 September 14, 1993 60502 "Zack Lies And Videotape" 9.9/16 [4]
4 September 21, 1993 60503 "Rush Week" 9.0/15 [5]
5 September 28, 1993 60504 "Slater's War" 7.8/13 [6]
6 October 5, 1993 60505 "The Homecoming" 8.0/13 [7]
7 October 12, 1993 60506 "The Poker Game" 9.1/15 [8]
8 October 19, 1993 60507 "Prof. Zack" 8.5/14 [9]
9 October 26, 1993 60508 "Screech Love" 7.9/13 [10]
10 November 2, 1993 60509 "Dr. Kelly" 7.4/12 [11]
11 November 23, 1993 60510 "A Thanksgiving Story" 7.4/12 [12]
12 December 7, 1993 60512 "Teacher's Pet" 5.8/10 [13]
13 December 14, 1993 60513 "Kelly and the Professor" 7.7/13 [14]
14 December 21, 1993 60511 "A Question of Ethics" 6.7/11 [15]
15 January 4, 1994 60514 "The Rave" 7.1/12 [16]
16 January 11, 1994 60515 "Bedside Manner" 6.3/10 [17]
17 January 22, 1994 60516 "Love and Death" 4.8/8 [18]
18 February 8, 1994 60517 "Marry Me" 8.7/13 [19]
19 February 8, 1994 60518 "Wedding Plans" 8.7/13 [20]


Additional cast

Special Guest Stars

DVD release[edit]

Saved by the Bell: The College Years was released on DVD in Region 1 by Image Entertainment on August 17, 2004. As of 2010, this release has been discontinued and is out of print. The series is now available on Amazon Instant Video.


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