Savitri River

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For other uses, see Savitri.
River Savitri in Konkan
Savitri river near Mahad

Savitri River (Marathi: सावित्री नदी) is one of the 5 rivers which originate from Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra state in India. It originates in Mahabaleshwar and flows through Raigad district and eventually meets Arabian Sea at Harehareshwar. It passes through Poladpur, Mahad, Mangaon and Shrivardhan taluks. There are a number of Shiva temples along the banks of river Savitri. In last 100 km it forms the border between Raigad and Ratnagiri. Its major tributary is the Kal River which enters from the right (north) near Dasgaon.

Coordinates: 17°58′N 73°02′E / 17.967°N 73.033°E / 17.967; 73.033