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"Savoyard" redirects here. For the Italian wine grape, see Savoyard (grape).
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Native to France, Italy, Switzerland
Region Aosta Valley, Savoy, Valais
Native speakers
35,000  (date missing)[1]
Official status
Official language in
Italy (protected by statute).
France (region language).
Regulated by Institute Savoyard language
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Linguist list

Savoyard is a dialect of Arpitan (Franco-Provençal). It is spoken in some territories of the historical Duchy of Savoy, nowadays a geographic area spanning France (in Savoie and Haute-Savoie) and Switzerland (in the canton of Geneva). The varieties are commonly known as patois. It has around 35 thousand speakers today.

Some words[edit]

Several subdialects of Savoyard exist that exhibit unique features in terms of phonetics and vocabulary. Among them, many words have to do with the weather: bacan (French: temps mauvais); coussie (French: tempête); royé (French: averse); ni[v]ole (French: nuage); ...and, the environment: clapia, perrier (French: éboulis); égra (French: sorte d'escalier de pierre); balme (French: grotte); tova (French: tourbière); and lanche (French: champ en pente).

Linguistic studies[edit]

Savoyard has been the subject of detailed study at the Centre de dialectologie of the Stendhal University, Grenoble, currently under the direction of Michel Contini.

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