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Savushun (Persian: سووشون‎) is one of the greatest Persian novel by Iranian female writer Simin Daneshvar. The story is about the life of a family in Shiraz faced to the occupation of Iran during World War II. Savushun has sold over five hundred thousand copies in Iran.[citation needed] Being translated to English and 16 other languages,[1] this modern novel has been highly acclaimed in magazines and press such as USA Today and Kirkus reviews.[citation needed]

Daneshvar's strong knowledge and creative imagination have made Savushun one of the most influential modern works written in Persian. Daneshvar has used Folklore and myth in writing Savushun.

Literally, Su-va-shun is the transformation of Sia-va-shun, reminding of the traditional mourning for Siyâvash, a hero in Shahnameh.

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