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Sawan Biang (สวรรค์เบี่ยง) is 1970 novel by Krisna Asokesin is about a young innocent woman named Narin who find herself as victim of lecherous stepson of her sister. it was adapted by movie and four television series.


When Narin's sister Leela lost her fiancee and visited by a rich businessman named Worawat who was widower single dad to his son Kawee who was spoiled and ladies's man who happen be Leela's high school crush. realized their loss of loved ones formed bond and deiced to married caused shocked to her mother and Narin.after their marriage Leela and her family moved to Worawat's mansion except Kawee who hate Leela who replaced his late mother and planned Narin as doll. with his father's death and he tried kidnapped her Kawee had another plan- he raped Narin in the night. slience by rape Narin decided to leaved the mansion and Kawee was kicked out by his father's will now belog to Leela. Kawee was shocked when he see Narin is pregnant.

Film, TV or theatrical adaptations[edit]

  • 1970 Version - Petchara Chaowarat as Narin and Mitr Chaibancha as Kawee
  • 1971 Version - Nanthawan Mekyai as Narin and Sayan Chantharawibun as Kawee
  • 1976 Version - Dueantem Salitul as Narin and Atsawin Rattanapracha as Kawee
  • 1988 Version - Monrudee Yamaphai as Narin and Yuranant Pamommontri as Kawee
  • 1998 Version - Suvanant Kongying as Narin and Danuporn Punnakun as Kawee
  • 2008 Version - Anne Thongprasom as Narin and Theeradeth Wonpuapan as Kawee

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