Sawley Abbey

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Sawley Abbey
Salley Abbey - - 1736378.jpg
Sawley Abbey
Location Sawley, Lancashire
Coordinates 53°54′48″N 2°20′30″W / 53.9134°N 2.3418°W / 53.9134; -2.3418Coordinates: 53°54′48″N 2°20′30″W / 53.9134°N 2.3418°W / 53.9134; -2.3418
Listed Building – Grade I
Official name: Sawley Abbey Ruins
Designated 16 November 1954
Official name: Sawley Cistercian abbey and associated earthworks
Designated 8 February 1915
Sawley Abbey is located in the Borough of Ribble Valley
Sawley Abbey
Location of Sawley Abbey in the Borough of Ribble Valley

Sawley Abbey was an abbey of Cistercian monks in the village of Sawley, Lancashire, in England (and historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire). Created as a daughter-house of Newminster Abbey, it existed from 1147 until its dissolution in 1536, during the reign of King Henry VIII of all England, Ireland, and France. Its ruins, which are controlled by English Heritage, are open to the public. Although not an extensive ruin, there are boards on the site that give information regarding the history of the abbey and its former inhabitants. Today, parts of the church and refectory can still be seen.

The abbey is a Grade I listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument.[1]

In March 2009, Sawley Abbey was featured in the first episode of series 3 of the TV series The Tudors.

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