Say It Again (Stacie Orrico album)

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Say It Again
Studio album by Stacie Orrico
Released 2002
Genre CCM, Pop
Length 37:04
Label ForeFront Records
Producer Tedd T.
Michael-Anthony Taylor
Mark Heimermann
Eddie DeGarmo
David Bach
Stacie Orrico chronology
Christmas Wish
Say It Again
Stacie Orrico
Alternative Cover
Say It Again EP

Say It Again was to be Stacie Orrico's second album with "Bounce Back" serving as the album's first single. A release date of April 9, 2002 had been set. However, Virgin records saw mainstream potential with Stacie and signed her, which postponed the release of this album. It was ultimately canceled even after pre-release copies for press were sent out and have since been appearing on eBay. Six of its tracks that were later included on her second album Stacie Orrico, albeit some were drastically remixed, re-recorded, or otherwise altered. There was also an EP version of this album which featured 3 tracks: "Bounce Back", "I Could Be The One", and "That's What Love's About"

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tight" - 2:29
  2. "Hesitation" - 3:17
  3. "Bounce Back" - 3:51
  4. "That's What Loves About" - 5:46
  5. "Truth" - 3:02
  6. "Until I Find You" - 3:03
  7. "Maybe I Won't Look Back" - 4:39
  8. "That's The Way" - 3:52
  9. "Star Of My Story" - 3:35
  10. "Security" - 3:28
  11. "I Could Be the One" - 3:55


  • All tracks are unmastered.
  • Even though uncredited, Mat Kearney is featured in the song "Security". His rap was removed on the final version appearing on Stacie Orrico.
  • "Bounce Back" is a completely different recording from what appears on Stacie Orrico.
  • The intro to "That's What Love's About" was shortened by 30 seconds on Stacie Orrico, changing the track time from 5:46 to 5:16.
  • "Maybe I Won't Look Back'" contains a rap bridge that was later replaced with a bridge that was sung in the final version appearing on Stacie Orrico. In addition, the song originally had a 15-second intro that was removed from the final Stacie Orrico album version.
  • "That's The Way" later appeared on a compilation CD titled God's Leading Ladies. "Until I Find You" and "Star Of My Story" later surfaced as single b-sides and bonus tracks on the Japanese release of Stacie Orrico. "Truth" remains unreleased.
  • "I Could Be the One" is shortened on Stacie Orrico