Say It Isn't So (film)

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Say It Isn't So
Say it isnt so poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by J. B. Rogers
Produced by Peter Farrelly
Robert Farrelly

Bradley Thomas
Written by Peter Gaulke
Gerry Swallow
Starring Chris Klein
Heather Graham
Music by Mason Daring
Cinematography Mark Irwin
Edited by Larry Madaras
Conundrum Entertainment
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) March 23, 2001
Running time 95 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $25 million[1]
Box office $12,320,393[1]

Say It Isn't So is a 2001 American comedy film starring Chris Klein and Heather Graham as two young lovers who come to believe that they are actually siblings. The film is directed by J. B. Rogers and written by Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow.


Young orphan Gilbert 'Gilly" Noble (Chris Klein) who lives in Shelbyville, Indiana, takes a stray cat named "Ringo" to the animal pound Shelby County Animal Control where he works. Gilly gets his haircut by a beautiful young hairdresser named Josephine "Jo" Wingfield (Heather Graham). Jo mentions that she lost a tail-less cat named Ringo a while ago, leading Gilly to tell her that Ringo is at the pound. Immediately after this revelation, Jo accidentally cuts off a part of Gilly's ear, and he is rushed to the hospital. To make up for the incident, Jo invites Gilbert to her house for lunch the next day, where Gilly meets Jo's self-centered mother, Valdine (Sally Field), and stroke-suffering father, Walter (Richard Jenkins). After lunch, Gilbert and Jo start dating, and fall in love. Gilbert and Jo eventually have sex for the first time. Just as Gilly prepares to propose to Jo, he receives a call from a detective named Vic Vetter(Brent Briscoe) who has been searching for Gilly's long-lost mother. Apparently, the detective has come up with the news that Gilbert's mother is really Valdine Wingfield, which shocks everyone. Jo leaves the Wingfield home, and Gilbert stays there while the news spreads that they had sex as siblings.

16 months later, a surprise comes to the Wingfield doorstep in the form of a young man named Leon Pitofsky (Jack Plotnick) who claims to be Valdine and Walter's son, and presents his birth certificate, blood tests, hospital records and DNA results as proof. Valdine and Walter feel better for a few moments before angrily lashing out at Gilly and forcing him to leave. Gilly runs for his life and flees Indiana to tell Jo, who now lives in Beaver, Oregon, the news. Valdine phones the police station in the county where Jo lives, and reports Gilly as a sexual predator in order to stop Gilly from telling Jo. She tells the police to keep the whole thing quiet, but the police prove to be just as corrupt as the criminals they capture and hang "Wanted" posters all over Gilbert's destination town, depicting Gilbert as a "sexual offender". On his way to the town, Gilbert hits a legless man named Dig McCaffrey (Orlando Jones). After stopping to help Dig, Gilbert offers Dig a ride. When they part, Dig tells Gilbert that he is one eighth Chippewa, (or Cherokee or Navaho), and that Gilly saved his life, and therefore Dig is in debt to Gilbert. He offers Gilly directions and hands him a business card should he ever need him. Gilly is soon spotted by people who saw the posters, and is immediately shunned by the society as a "pervert".

Meanwhile, Jo becomes engaged to Jack Mitchelson (Eddie Cibrian), a rich and powerful young multimillionaire who secretly deals drugs (specifically reefer) and controls over half the county by paying off numerous politicians. Valdine keeps on pushing Jo to marry Jack, although Jo still loves Gilly. Gilly tries to hide from the authorities, and Dig frequently aids him in his escape from muggers and killers as well as 2 local rednecks Streak (Brent Hinkley) and Freddy (Henry Cho) along with fellow redneck local Jimmy Mitchelson (Mark Pellegrino) who is the incompetent brother of Jack Mitchelson who hired them to get rid of Gilly. Ultimately, after many escapades, later into a daring rescue by Dig with the help of a pancake-loving mental patient, Mr. Campisi (C. Ernst Harth) from the Beaver State Mental Care Facilty, Gilly manages to find Leon, Valdine's real son. To win Jo back, Gilly and Dig make a plan to change Jo's mind before the impending wedding. The plan backfires when Leon gets away from Dig at the Eager Beaver Lodge Motel where he was staying at his birth mother's request. Gilbert finds himself with his hand inside a cow's rectum, and Jo sees him. In another attempt, he displays a sign with the message "JO! I'M NOT YOUR BROTHER! MARRY ME!" across the sky from a plane before Gilbert is arrested and sent to an asylum—after the word "NOT" is ripped off by a nearby tree as they take off in Dig's plane.

Ultimately, Gilly is not able to stop Jo from marrying Mitchelson. Police arrive at the marriage scene to inform that Gilly died in car accident, which was actually an act of sabotage by Leon. But unknown to everyone, Gilbert was not driving the car at the time of the accident. Streak, one of Mitchelson's 3 goons had taken the car from Gilly and the ashes are his. Walter makes a good recovery and reveals to Jo that Valdine conspired to destroy their relationship and force Josephine into marrying Mitchelson. Also, the news that Valdine is Gilly's mother was fed to Detective Vic Vetter by Mitchelson. Jo defies Valdine for the first time which proves to be too much for Valdine to handle, and Valdine has a stroke and falls unconscious while attacking Leon, who also participated in interrupting the wedding. Thinking that Gilly is dead, Jo goes back to the roof of the animal shelter where they used to hang out to disperse Gilly's ashes and to give him the one gun salute that Gilly used to give dogs who were about to be put to sleep. Gilly, who has just begun working at his old job, sees her and mistakenly believes that she wants to commit suicide. They are finally reunited on the roof of the same animal shelter which was a catalyst for their coming together.

A few months later, Gilly and Josephine are married, and Walter, Valdine, Leon, Dig, Detective Vic Vetter, Gilly's boss Larry Falwell (John Rothman) and his wife Ruthie (Julie White), and many other people attend, with Walter on his feet and Valdine in a wheelchair after her stroke. Also, as a surprise wedding present, Gilbert's mother agent turns up and tells Gillu that he has truly found his mother. In an ironic twist, Gilly's mother turns out to be Suzanne Somers, a famous actress/sex symbol about whom Gilbert used to fantasize while masturbating.

Alternative ending

The DVD includes an extended ending where, after Gilly discovers his mother's identity, we cut to him and Jo on the roof to his vet office - Gilly got his vet - and he says that there are only lonely people; then they kiss and live happily ever after.



The film received an overwhelmingly negative response from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 9% based on 103 reviews, the consensus being that; "those that haven't tired of Farrelly brothers' brand of comedy may still find some laughs here. Otherwise, the slow pacing and unimaginative shock gags will start to wear on the viewer."[2]

Box office[edit]

The film opened at #10 at the North American box office making $2,861,903 in its opening weekend.[3]

Home media[edit]

Say It Isn't So was released on VHS and DVD on August 21, 2001. The DVD features six deleted and extended scenes including an extended ending.


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