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Sayanogorsk (English)
Саяногорск (Russian)
Саяногорск (Khakas)
-  Town[1]  -
Map of Russia - Republic of Khakassia (2008-03).svg
Location of the Republic of Khakassia in Russia
Sayanogorsk is located in Khakassia
Location of Sayanogorsk in the Republic of Khakassia
Coordinates: 53°05′15″N 91°23′29″E / 53.08750°N 91.39139°E / 53.08750; 91.39139Coordinates: 53°05′15″N 91°23′29″E / 53.08750°N 91.39139°E / 53.08750; 91.39139
Administrative status (as of December 2012)
Country Russia
Federal subject Republic of Khakassia[1]
Administratively subordinated to Town of Sayanogorsk[1]
Administrative center of Town of Sayanogorsk[1]
Municipal status (as of May 2007)
Urban okrug Sayanogorsk Urban Okrug[2]
Administrative center of Sayanogorsk Urban Okrug[2]
Population (2010 Census) 49,887 inhabitants[3]
Rank in 2010 320th
Time zone KRAT (UTC+08:00)[4]
Founded 1830[citation needed]
Town status since November 6, 1975[citation needed]
Previous names Oznachenoye (until 1975)[citation needed]
Postal code(s)[5] 655602, 655603
Dialing code(s) +7 39042[citation needed]

Sayanogorsk (Russian: Саяного́рск; Khakas: Саяногорск) is a town in the Republic of Khakassia, Russia, located on the left bank of the Yenisei River, 80 kilometers (50 mi) south of Abakan and about 45 kilometers (28 mi) east of the railway station on the Kamyshta line which goes from Abakan to Abaza. Population: 49,887 (2010 Census);[3] 50,255 (2002 Census);[6] 50,188 (1989 Census).[7]


The town has road and water links with Abakan and Minusinsk. The town itself is located in the steppe zone.


Sayanogorsk was founded on November 6, 1975, in connection with the construction of the Sayan-Shushenskaya HPP and the Sayan Aluminum Plant in the town.[citation needed]

The Fortress of the Yenisei Kyrgyz "Omaio Tour" (hence the Russian "Maina" - by the name Mainsk door) closes the passage along the Yenisei River in the Khakass-Minusinsk Basin. Nearby is the Sayan jail, which was founded by the Russian authorities. The village of Elim, standing on the left bank of the Yenisei River, has a long history. " It is the boundary of the Russian state" - as recorded in historical documents. There was a border post and a patrol tower there. The Cossacks and the settlements were located near this settlements. In 1830, peasants from the village Ochury, the Solomatova family, founded the Mainsk threshold, the Shushenskaya parish, and the Minusinsk District in the village of Elim.

A new page of history began in Elim with the arrival of prospectors and construction of the Sayan-Shushenskaya GES. In 1965, it was put near the temporary settlement of the construction builders and mounting trains. In 1968, the town had a lot of construction: building five-story houses, while objects of industrial infrastructure were created, and the Village Council was formed. In the 70's, industrial and civil construction was extended even more. In 1973, the plant "Sayanmramor" began issuing production based Kibik-Kordonsky and Sayan deposits of marble and granite. Encouraged, by the construction of the world's largest Sayano-Shushenskaya, HPP gave a powerful impetus to the development of the productive forces of the region and the growth of urban settlements.

Administrative and municipal status[edit]

Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is, together with two urban-type settlements and one rural locality, incorporated as the Town of Sayanogorsk—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.[1] As a municipal division, the Town of Sayanogorsk is incorporated as Sayanogorsk Urban Okrug.[2]


Despite being a small town, Sayanogorsk has one of the largest aluminum smelter plants in the world. The aluminum plant provides work for the majority of the town's residents. Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam, the largest hydro-electric dam in Russia and the world's 5th-largest by installed capacity, lies to the south of the town.


Moderately sharp continental climate. Annual precipitation: 250–300 mm. Fall mainly in the warm period. Average temperature in July: +28.6 °C (83.5 °F) Average temperature in January: −27.0 °C (−16.6 °F) Vegetation period: 160 days



The town has ten schools, a subsidiary of KSU, a subsidiary of TUSUR, Stam,, Sayanogorsk Polytechnic College, South-Siberian Regional College.



In Sayanogorsk there is one local channel TV-8, on which there are broadcasts are on TV channel NTV.


Sayanogorsk publishes many periodicals some are "Environment", "Sayanogorsk Courier", "Sayan statements", and "Business Sayanogorsk.


The volleyball club "Borus" is based in Sayanogorsk.

Tourism and recreation[edit]

The Ski resort "Gladenkaya" is in Sayanogorsk.


The main industrial enterprises of the town are: Sayan Aluminum Plant - has Production of primary aluminum and alloys on its basis Khakas aluminum plant - has production of primary aluminum and alloys on its basis, Plant Rusal SAYANAL - has production of aluminum foil and packing materials on its basis, Company Stroyservice Company Sayanstroy Plant Sayanmoloko and JSC Branch Temporary Use - has the enterprise of industrial railway transport.


Sayano-Shushenskaya GES (starting the second hydraulic unit 1-December 18, 1978), Mainsk HPS.

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