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Sayed Ghulam Hasnain Rizvi Kararvi (1934 - January 1996) was the editor of Al-Muntazar ( magazine published by Association of Imam Mahdi. He was one of the trustees of Zainabia Trust. He was also the co-founder of Association of Imam Mahdi along with marhum Agha Ismail Rajabi . He translated the Persian books/booklets written by marhum Agha Ismail Rajabi Hasnain translated more than 250 Persian books/booklets and unaccounted articles for Association into Urdu language. He taught Urdu language to the students of Najafi House Hawza, Jamae Amirul Mo'mineen into Urdu language and published through Idara-e-Nashre Uloom-e-Aal-Mohammad, Moghul Masjid. Marhum Sayed Ghulamentored his students to become a good Aalim-e-deen. He always tried to bring out best from the youths and always guided and encouraged them. He polished the Urdu language of his colleagues and even to his elders. For example one of his best friend Sayed Mohammad Akbar Rizvi two years elder to him, and the current editor of al-Muntazar magazine proudly says that marhum was his teacher and calls him ustad-e-mohtaram.

After a hectic tour of eastern Uttar Pradesh, holding exhibitions and functions, celebrating the birth of Imam-e-Zamana in January 1996 during the holy month of Sha'ban, (Kanpur was his last city) he died at Lucknow and was buried in his home town Karari, beside his father marhum Amir Ali ibne Roshan Ali. He was just 62 years of age. After his burial in his ancestral graveyard, the graveyard was renamed as Waadis Salaam.

His Sewwom (majlis on 3rd day after burial) was read by Hujjatul Islam Maulana Ahmed Ali Abedi. A night before Chehlum by Maulana Mehmoodul Hasan of Jaunpur. The Chehlum Majlis by Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar. Same evening of Chehlum another Majlis was read by Hujjatul Islam Sayed Safi Haidar at his grave in Waadis Salaam.

He organised the Moharram Majalis in Karari which previously clashed with each other. Still the Majalis are held as per the time table arranged by him during his lifetime.

His pen name was "Shafeeq." He very much loved his home town and he wrote after his name as Kararvi. His works are:

Ghulam Hasnain Kararvi Award has been instituted by Zainabia Trust.[4]