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Scale or scales may refer to:

In names of persons[edit]

In names of places[edit]

In mathematics and computer science[edit]

In the physical sciences[edit]

In the biological and medical sciences[edit]

In manufacturing[edit]

  • Limescale, a chalky deposit
  • Mill scale, the flaky surface on hot rolled steel, consisting of iron oxides
  • Fouling, buildup of unwanted substances, sometimes called "scale", on hard surfaces

In geography and history[edit]

  • Scale (map), the ratio of a distance on a map to the corresponding actual distance
  • Scale (ratio), the ratio of a linear dimension of the model to the same dimension of the original
  • Mizan (Scale in English), a treatise on Islam by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi
  • Scale armour, an early form of armor

In the social sciences and business[edit]

In music[edit]

In other uses[edit]